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Watch: New Trailer For Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’ Has The Will To Win

Watch: New Trailer For Ron Howard's 'Rush' Has The Will To Win

Ron Howard hasn’t just been sitting around narrating the upcoming episodes of “Arrested Development.” The director has putting the details on his next feature effort, the true story racing saga “Rush,” and while a movie about gears and waving flags might seem like a drag on paper, he’s chose a helluva tale to spin on the big screen. And a new trailer is here to give the dudes from “Fast & Furious” a serious run for their nitro.

With smoke and wheels churning and crashes galore, this amped up 90 second spot is aimed square at the bros in the audience, and offers up some adrenalized action. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl and Olivia “British Accent” Wilde, the movie chronicles the rivalry between English racer James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda, as they carried their thirst for competition through the European circuit, resulting in some pretty hairy and scary moments. It’s really a tale of two guys who wanted to be first across the finish line…but of course, only one can make it.

“Rush” heads into the hairpin turn on September 20th. Watch below.

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The CGI smoke, fire and other elements in combination with all the CGI altering of
light (there is actually a scene where an actor walks IN FRONT of a damn cgi lens flare!)
make this movie a fail, even though I loved the actors and characters.

I agree with the poster who asked why even bother making an F1 movie when
90% of th ecars are CGI? Why bother making ANY CGI CARS AT ALL?
Every single shot that should have been EPIC (the wide shots or long shots) was
a huge let down because it didn't feel real because… IT WASN'T.
Stop trying to cheat us Hollywood and please people ,stop paying for lazy attempts.

mark thompson

Pcchongor: I think you'll find the cars are pretty real, I was there for some of the filming and there was no cgi cars on the race track from what I could see.


Why even bother making an F1 movie when the cars are 90% CGI? Might as well just make it some sort sci-fi pod racing shit.

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