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Watch: ‘Pacific Rim’ Goes Big And Finally Delivers With Killer New Trailer

Watch: 'Pacific Rim' Goes Big And Finally Delivers With Killer New Trailer

In a summer with a fair few dicey bets, “Pacific Rim” might be one of the riskier ones. While the “Transformers‘ comparisons are easy, this is an original concept, with some heady sci-fi ideas at work, and a distinct lack of big names (the film’s led by “Sons of Anarchy” lead Charlie Hunnam, “Babel“‘s Rinko Kikuchi and “Horrible Bosses“‘ “Charlie Day, leaving Idris Elba arguably the most familiar face involved. And while he’s beloved by the geek crowd, director Guillermo Del Toro has never been a big commercial name.

So a bit of an uphill battle in the face of better-known rival movies like “Iron Man 3,” “Fast & Furious 6” and “The Wolverine.” And it doesn’t help that the marketing campaign, in its early stages, was a bit faltering, with unfinished effects, and a slightly uncertain sense of exactly what it was selling. But things have been improving over time, and now the full trailer’s just landed, and it might be one of the best spots we’ve seen all year.

We’re still a little concerned at the amount of CGI, but we suppose that’s par for the course for a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. But this is an improvement of light-years from that first clip, with an awful lot of awesome packed into a couple of minutes. Have we found the movie of the summer, the one that we dreamed of when we read the pretty great script, and learned that Del Toro was on board? There’s always room to be disappointed, but we’re a lot more optimistic than we were when we woke up this morning. We’ll find out how it turns out when “Pacific Rim” opens on July 12th

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Said it before and will say it again: "Godzilla vs. Mega-Godzilla" with budget.

Alan B

Night-time action sequences, eh? HOORAY! Del Toro must have gone to the Jon Favreau-school for 'filmmakers with zero confidence in their CG teams'. Despite Michael Bay's many, many faults as a director, he at least is willing to throw his team into the deep end and fight for technological innovation. Can't wait to squint to see which underlit pixel is hitting the other through my tinted 3D glasses.


This still looks so fucking stupid. Yes i'll still go.

Idris is bring the Luther to this, shit Idris.


Transformers? Are you saying that no one has cracked "Real Steel v. Godzilla" jokes?


Looks awesome to me! Like others have said definitely very reminiscent of anime.


Well, for a mindless monster action movie at least it looks freakin' cool. Definitely influenced by anime and has potential.


My money is on 'Paco's Little Devil' in the Fourth.


preview blurb should probably read "While the 'Transformers' comparisions are LAZY, this is a COMMON concept in japanese monster movies and anime. Nothing new or "original" here, folks.


Fuck that, Hellboy can finish them within seconds


Better than the previous trailers, for sure, but the movie of the Summer? It isn't the trailer of the Summer… but trailers can be deceiving.


These trailers continue to underwhelm, but seriously, using a freighter ship as a baseball bat >>>>>>>>>>>>>


Am I the only one who still thinks it looks pretty unspectacular? I want to be excited for this, but it still doesn't look too impressive. My money is still on Elysium or Man of Steel for the best summer film of 2013.

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