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Watch: Red Band Trailer For The Coens Cannes Contender ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Watch: Red Band Trailer For The Coens Cannes Contender 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

In just over a week, the Coens will present their latest “Inside Llewyn Davis” to the always fussy audiences at the Cannes Film Festival. While we’ll have to wait until we actually see the thing, it’s looking like another success from the sibling directors. CBS Films is already thinking Oscar, but if you’re not going to France and can’t wait until December, this red band trailer should hold over.

Granted, it’s more or less the same thing we saw at the beginning of the year, albeit with a few extra beats and some more cussin’, but it’s still mightily impressive. Oscar Isaac seems to live in the role as the title character, a folk singer in the ’60s trying to find his path, in a relationship with an awesomely icy Carey Mulligan and… yes, indeed that’s Justin Timberlake dropping the suit and tie for some more rustic threads. Visually, it’s utterly gorgeous with cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel (“Across The Universe,” “Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince“) doing a bang up job subbing in for Coens regular Roger Deakins who was unavailable thanks to “Skyfall.” The overly feel of a faded or fading era is really nicely rendered — the images look like a photograph left out in the sun.

Give it a look below. “Inside Llewyn Davis” opens on December 6th and in case you’re wondering, the Bob Dylan song is “Farewell,” from The Bootleg Series, Vol 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964

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Adam Scott Thompson

Isaac is a revelation. The way he played off Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in "Drive" — I feel his contributions to films he's starred in (both good and bad) are unsung. Definitely one to watch. If this film doesn't get lost in the shuffle come 2014, look for him to snag a shitload of Best Actor nods.

Kindred Spirit

Good, Carey can recover nicely from Gatsby with an Oscar nom for this film.


F Murray FUCKING Abraham. That's what the F stands for. Why isn't he on the bill, goddamnit?


From the trailer we can expect a modestly-paced beautifully-filmed character study. This film will rely heavily on the Oscar Isaac performance– that's not to say the Coen's won't leave their usual stamp, but the trailer suggests we're ultimately following the Llewyn Davis character a whole lot and I hope Isaac can bring the hapless and forlorn qualities of the character to life.


If the trailer is any sign of what's to come I can wholeheartedly say that this will surpass amazing, and maybe climb to the top as the Coen's best film.


I can't wait to see Garrett Hedlund in this. I loved him asDean Moriarty in ON THE ROAD. Looks like playing a driver again?

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