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Watch: Trailer For Renny Harlin’s Found Footage Movie ‘The Dyatlov Pass Incident’

Watch: Trailer For Renny Harlin's Found Footage Movie 'The Dyatlov Pass Incident'

In 1959, nine Russians hikers ventured out into the Ural Mountains on a trip that should have been manageable for a group with their experience.  On February 2nd, a search party found the hiker’s tents ripped open from the inside and all nine hikers dead from hypothermia.  

Aside from a few fractures and broken bones, there appeared to be indication of foul play. So with no compelling evidence or witnesses to account for the night, the case quickly fell into infamy. Many have theorized that a small avalanche caught them off guard, forced them to cut through their tent and make an escape into their snowy surroundings where they froze. However, rational explanations are so banal, and director Renny Harlin has a different take on the story in his found footage horror film “The Dyatlov Pass Incident.”  

The trailer, which you can watch below, follows a group of young filmmakers as they make their way up the Dyatlov Pass (named after one of the deceased hikers) to discover what really happened to the poor souls that died. Inevitably the group finds themselves fighting for their lives against an unseen menace. And then, dub step.  

No release date yet, but your long awaited dream of a Renny Harlin found footage movie based on “true events” is here. [Quiet Earth]

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I've been interested in The Dyatlov Pass Incident for a while, so am looking forward to seeing this film!


Very interesting and mysterious place. There go in the summer by SUVs. Wishing to get there can contact me.


This seems like a step backward for Renny Harlin. Maybe I should write him a letter and address it to 1995.


I don't have a problem with found footage as a concept, but it has to be executed with care. It has to feel real. Every detail matters. If it isn't convincing, then they got nothing.

See "Apollo 18" for an example of "they got nothing."

Harlin would also appear to have nothing.


Trying to market a movie for teenage audiences telling them it's from the director of "Die Hard 2" and "Cliffhanger". It just doesn't get funnier than that…


Oh fun. More filmmakers riding the found-footage train.

I appreciate Guillmero del Toro's disdain for this style of filmmaking, and his continued ambition to film his old fashioned, gothic haunted house movie, "Crimson Peak".

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