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Weekend B.O. May 10-12 (What Happened To ‘Peeples’?)

Weekend B.O. May 10-12 (What Happened To 'Peeples'?)

Wow! Didn’t see that coming. Of course Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby were on the top of the this weekend’s B.O. chart
with Gatsby, which was predicted by many to be one the first major flops of this
summer season, doing much better than anyone expected, grossing $51 million, while IR3, to date, has earned some $950

But let’s get to the real surprise which was how disastrously Tyler Perry’s Peeples performed this weekend, not even cracking $5 million. And this means that the film won’t even make back
its very modest $15 million
production budget, and it will be out of most theaters by the end of the week.

So what in the hell happened?

I admit I was surprised too. Of
course it was up against some heavy hitters and no one expected it to do big
numbers. But one would think that it would find its niche audience and do reasonably

And you would think that with Tyler Perry’s name attached
to it, it would have had a guaranteed audience. But not even they showed up for
it and, needless to say, it’s far and away the lowest box office opening for
anything with Perry’s name associated with it.

But here are a few reasons I could come up with for
the film’s surprising results:

movie/wrong time
– It was released at a really bad time,
right at the beginning of the big summer movie season. And with so many other options
that people have been anxiously anticipating to see, no one was in the mood for
a lightweight comedy. It should have come out either earlier this year or pushed
back until later in the season, when people had had their fill of big, bloated,
CGI infested spectaculars.

– The trailer wasn’t particularly funny; the various one
sheets for the film weren’t great (that one with the pictures of the three
leads mugging was especially atrocious), and Lionsgate never got a real grasp
on how to market the film. Aside from the fact that the film’s release date was
moved around several times for almost a year (Peeples was shot back in 2010/2011), potential
filmgoers could sense there was something wrong with the film, and stayed away… which leads to…

– The film wasn’t good anyway. As a friend of mine, who
saw it at an earlier preview before I did,  said to me, the film was “cut to shit”. Exactly.
It was a very choppily edited film in which most of the comedy never seemed to flow
naturally, or was allowed to build up to any punch. Instead it seemed to
meander, several times setting up situations with no follow
through. And there was that whole lesbian subplot that was more of a
guy’s fantasy, which then chickens out at the crucial minute. I mean, finally, a real reason for guys to see a movie that Perry is involved with (some girl/girl action) and the film cops out! DAMN

The performances were all over the place. David Alan Grier, who is one of the
funniest people alive, gave a one note, sour puss performance. I kept waiting
for him to do something, anything,
even remotely funny. Meanwhile Kerry
was so hyper and frantic that she was almost bouncing off the
walls. And poor Diahann Carroll was
totally wasted. Why is she in the film if you’re not going to use her? Perhaps S. Epatha Mekerson came off the best,
because she was the most sympathetic and human character in the entire film.

There’s evidence of some major post-production
problems with its erratic editing, and the constant shifting of release dates
and titles, going from Meet the Peeples
to simply Tyler Perry’s Peeples, all indicating that the studio
had a film in trouble.

it Robinson or was it the part?
– I interviewed him, and, in
fact, we interviewed him twice, for the site and we can all attest that
Craig Robinson is just a very funny
and super nice guy. And he definitely worked his ass off to promote the film as
well. But he simply doesn’t have that “star quality” needed to play a lead role.
He’s fine on TV and he’s a solid supporting actor, but he’s just not leading
man material.

However there very much could be a lead role for
him out there which he’s perfect for, but Peeples wasn’t it. It didn’t play
to his comedic strengths, which lean more towards the edgy and definitely off-the-wall. In the film, he
came off as a rather bland, nice guy, but that’s the way the role
was written. Better luck next time.

The failure of Peeples is also bad news because it could lead to Perry becoming reluctant to support other filmmakers to
make, and will force him to restrict himself more than ever and just do his own stuff instead.

What do you think went wrong?

1) Iron Man 3 BV $72,472,000 Total: $284,893,000 
2) The Great Gatsby  WB $51,115,000 
3) Pain and Gain Par. $5,000,000 Total: $41,608,000 
4) Tyler Perry Presents Peeples LGF $4,850,000 
5) 42 WB $4,650,000 -Total: $84,732,000 
6) Oblivion Uni. $3,864,000 Total: $81,655,000
7) The Croods Fox $3,600,000 Total: $173,215,000 
8) The Big Wedding LGF $2,500,000 Total: $18,288,000
9) Mud RAtt. $2,343,000 Total: $8,363,000 
10) Oz The Great and Powerful BV $802,000 Total: $229,985,000 
11) Scary Movie 5 W/Dim. $706,000 Total: $30,644,000
12) The Place Beyond the Pines Focus $675,000 Total: $19,967,000 

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Stealth Ninja

Here is what I think Lassiter vs Fox, Drumline, Ledford vs Dallas Austin and the movie ATL, all written by Peeples writer and Director Tina Fraud Gordon Chism. Folks, this writer is a fraud, plain and simple. She was hired to rewrite Lassiter movie: Pay The Price, and the movie that was first titled " Jellybean". Soon ATL. She is a sitcom writer!! Two Multi- million dollar Federal Lawsuits where filed against her, and the movie studios that sponsored her scheme! Look at the time line of her deception . 2002 Drumline, four years later 2006 ATL, seven years later 2013, something is wrong with this picture….all ends in controversy!! Tina Gordon Chism is a fraud, and infringer, have a great day!! Prison will be her next story!!


I'd say bad movie. I see a lot of people talking about how much they enjoyed this and decided to see it. I regret to inform that I didn't enjoy it. It was Temptation bad with its Three's Company sitcom humor, hollow atmosphere, forgettable characters and flat performances. I didn't buy anything about it. Just a lot of pointless scenes, like the tent scens, like the tent scene. And it was so pretentious. And unfunny. Bad movies like this don't deserve box office success.


I'd say bad timing. To compete w/ Iron Man & Gatsby…..bad idea.
I'd also say, in my opinion of course, Tyler Perry's name attachment was a turn off.


somebody said some thing interesting on the facebook page about this. basically they said "There's a specific niche of film blacks support and this isn't one of them. There was no relationship drama, Christian overtones, no hip hop story or stars. Basically it was non hood in anyway possible mashing it unidentifiable to blacks as film goers. Oh also no man in loud mouth drag either."

i more or less agreed, same reason alex cross bombed


"I did go to see "Django" in the theater. I was intrigued from the beginning, but THE TRAILER CONVINCED me to go see it. I loved it! So certain people get me to pay closer to attention to films that they're involved with, but I don't show up just because their name is attached to it."

SAADIYAH, as you can see, I had to take a little time to process that thought and put it in the proper context of this post.

My decision to see "Peebles" was multifaceted.

Sidebar: The transportation company picked up my mother BEFORE WE ARRIVED AT HER FACILITY! I was like, WTH… and where is she at NOW? I was highly pissed off, to say the least. Anyway, they brought her back. When she arrived I told her I was sorry for the mix up. She said, "oh, don't worry about it… it was a nice little ride". The cinema was only 1 mile away but damn-damn-damn, what meat heads thought we'd send her to the movies by herself? Anyway, although she fell asleep in the theater, she enjoyed her day out.

Back to Peeples:

As I said, I decided to see Peeples for several reasons, the least of which had nothing to do with Tyler Perry being attached. But like you, and as I said before, I pay close attention to key personnel. So for me, this movie was a no-brainer. Come on now, David Alan Grier! Not only is he a Yale School of Drama graduate, who can forget his days on In Living Color? His "I got a song, wanna hear it" and those Men On Film sketches are classics. And that's just the tip of his genius. So my nose was open when I saw his name.

But it was a done deal when I noticed the names Kerry Washington, S. Epatha Mekerson and Craig Robinson. Come on now, we're talkin' stalwart black actors. I was as giddy as a sissy in a penis factory. Yes sir, there was no way I was not putting this film on my must see list. No amount of yik-yak about poor trailer this and Tyler Perry that, could move me off this journey. And, to add to my delight, I read all of S&A's interviews with the cast and crew.

Now here we are on numerous occasions, begging and pleading for more black face behind and in front of the camera – and when we get it, the nay-nayers have the loudest voices. Damn, not only were we afforded the oppurtunity to praise superior black actors, BLACK WOMEN were running this show. So for me, this project got my YES VOTE.

So maybe I can be called one of Sergio's popular sayings… "you sound like one of those "let's-support-black-people-no-matter-what-they-do-even-if-it's-total-shit-as-long-as-they're-making-money" type of people"

But see, the rub is, this was not – by no stretch of imagination – total shit. This was that good shit. The movie was very entertaining and laugh out loud funny.

Lastly SAADIYAH, in reference to Spike Lee and Quentin Tarrantino, I've seen all their movies. They are in a group of people who I will not miss – regardless of what a trailer or "the other crowd" says. Included in that group are Samuel Jackson, Denzel Washington and Lee Daniels. Tapping at the window are Morgan Freeman, Carl Franklin, Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker. They all will get my money, in time. Of course there are some white folks in that list, but I'm not going there. This is a black thang, today. And I've truly enjoyed our conversation.



It all came down to poor direction. I had my fingers crossed for Tina Gordon Chism. She got a bigger break than Ava DuVernay, Dee Reese, Tanya Hamilton and Shola Lynch combined and blew it. I think it's gallant that Sergio doesn't name her here but that shotty direction needs to be called out by somebody.


It's so funny how so many posts on this blog go without any comments but soon as Tyler Perry's name is mentioned the comment section rises to over 100 comments. Some of you are literally obsessed with this man, hoping and praying for his downfall. Folk complained that Tyler needed to let someone else direct and do the writing and when he did the movie flopped. He only put his name behind it probably to sell the rather drab storyline.

I could instantly tell this movie was going to be a flop from the beginning. Lionsgate thought Tyler's name alone was going to sell it to his audience and they didn't buy it. Now when Tyler puts his own stuff out and promotes it properly his fans support it, but trying to force them into seeing a movie because his name is associated with is a recipe for disaster.


Bad directing. Not all actors can direct, not all screenwriters can direct, and so sad but true, not all directors can direct. A bad direct ruins a movie from pre-pro to post.


I have nothing to say. I just wanted to see my article reach 100 comments

Thank you

Mo Betta Quote of the day

"You grandiose MF's don't play the shit that they like.
If you play the shit that they like, then people will come.
Simple as that,."
-Flipper Purify


I get so tired of SOME people constantly dissin' Tyler Perry. If you don't like his movies then don't go to see them. Better still if you are so talented then why don't you become a writer/director/producer so people can critique your work. Am I saying that all of Perry's movies are great, or that we should all go see all of his movies… I am not. No one likes all genres. Leave Mr. Perry alone. I chose to be glad for his success, rather than try to tear him down


Kerry Washington and Tyler Perry have very different fan bases. Black women who love Scandal tend to avoid Tyler Perry films. Tyler's fans tend to not like Kerry.


i liked the movie! i think the timing of it was the only reason it didn't perform well. I agree that the trailer wasn't that good, but to expect it to do well during this time of summer blockbusters is delusional. There were a sold 2 or 3 months where there was NOTHING at the movies and you wait until NOW?

We (black folk) go see action movies too! And we watch their stuff before we watch ours, so this was just an all around bad placing. Either way GREAT JOB Tina Gordon Chism!


The only reason I even knew about the movie is this website. They must not have used social media to their advantage. Although I considered going, I didn't see the movie, even though I loved the fact that two black women collaborated to direct and produce it. Craig Robinson and Kerry just made an unbelievable couple. So, directors, if you want sisters in the seats, please give us something sexy to look at and discuss later (think Michael Ealy in TLAM). However, if I had known about the ridiculous lesbian subplot, it definitely would have been labeled a no-go from jump.

Truth Hurts

Ouch. When a movie bombs this bad, its EACH and EVERY decision that was made prior to opening weekend that will be second guessed.

This will burn the bridge for others.

In the future, the director/producers need to invest in the Script Analysis data, and question each and every decision BEFORE, shooting.

Don't blame the audience.
Blame yourself.


I stayed home because there was no one in the cast I liked, except Washington, which isn't enough to make me waste my money. Plus Tyler Perry's name…….that killed it for me. If Tyler Perry's name was attached to The Great Gatsby, I wouldn't see it either!


Tyler Perry's name attached to it and (I'm sorry) Craig Robinson ruined it for me, and thus prevented me from seeing the film. However, now I feel guilty and will go see it this week. I don't doubt that it's probably worth watching (the lack of believability of Kerry ever being with a guy like Craig, aside).


I saw it this afternoon…I LIKED IT!!! So funny. Yes it reminded me of a black version of Meet the Parents but Craig Robinson was hilarious! His facial expressions are golden. S. Epather Matheson was phenomenal..I didnt even know she could do comedy. All in all I give the film a strong C plus because the plot wasn't original and they could have taken it even deeper with the lesbo subplot and the son who wants to be a thug.

Miles Ellison

This is all about what black audiences choose to support. There are people making making movies and television shows that run counter to established black stereotypical characterization. The question is this: is there a significant audience for this kind of material? Films like Pariah, I Will Follow, Medicine for Melancholy, and Night Catches Us are not typical black cinematic fare. Yet none of these films was in wide release. If these films were in a multiplex, would they have made as much money as Temptation? Or any of Perry's Madea films? The Help?


Carey Carey must like the smell of his own farts.

Red Carpet Slave

Peeples Film did NOT do well for many reasons and one of them is NOT because Tina didn't do a good job. Kerry Washington is not a "FAN Favorite" of Tyler Perry's fans… Black audiences want Black PEOPLE in the movie- They would have done better casting Monique in Kerry Washington's place. Black people want FUNNY all around and Kerry Washington is many things and FUnny is NOT one of them. At ALL!!! She was the reason! Reason #2 They would have done better casting Gabrielle Union in the spot Kerry Washington played and letting Chris Rock or Dave CHappelle play the role of Craig Robinson's brother. David Alan Grier was funny seemed leashed! He wasn't his unleashed self. Why did they waste Dianne Carroll? If anything Madea could have been the grandma…. Tyler Perry fans want Tyler Perry reasons he gives us to see the movie. He didn't seem motivated to go… He said Go but it was like obligation. I went only because his name was attached and David ALan Grier and also Craig Robinson is funny to me. I'm just not crazy about KerryW . Chris Rock played in movie w/Kerry before so perhaps they should have called him. Just to check.



Essay: How race, class and genre intertwine in "Peeples" By Ann Hornaday, Published: May 9

"Peeples," a low-middlebrow romantic comedy

"a predictable, broad, slightly raunchy comedy"

"Jumping the Broom," a rom-com set on the Vineyard, has earned more than $35 million, about six times its budget. "Similarly, "Think Like a Man," whose main story line centers on a driven corporate executive and the dreamy chef who loves her, has been a box office winner"

The above are a few quotes which caught my eye in Ann Hornaday's essay. And, Tambay (as Accidental mentioned) had a few words.

“It's almost as if the black middle class doesn’t exist on-screen,' said Tambay Obenson, editor and chief writer at the Indiewire film blog Shadow & Act. "What you get is the extremes, the poor and ghetto or the wealthy."

Tambay's words are quite insightful, but add the following to the mix:

"complex portraits of the lives of many African Americans can be found in movies being made today, by directors such as Dee Rees (Pariah), Ava DuVernay (Middle of Nowhere) and Barry Jenkins (Medicine for Melancholy), whose voices deserve to be heard beyond the art houses where their films have mostly played"

Hmmm, reading the essay I couldn't help thinking the title should read "How race, class and genre intertwine in My People – Black Folks"

The box office for Pariah, Middle of Nowhere and Medicine for Melancholy, although championed by some black folks, where dismal to say the least. Why? Some have misguidedly placed the blame at Tyler Perry's doorstep. Some blame the so-called low-brow church folks. Some are quick to say "The snobs done it". Yet others blame the ambiguous boogieman, aka white Hollywood. However, I'm prone to believe the fault (if there is any) rests with the black community's dollars and how they spend their dollars.

Truth be told, going to the movies can be viewed as a luxury, one that many African Americans would not consider a major priority. Consequently, when the middle-class black family (the largest black dollars) sits down at their kitchen table, frowns on their faces as they try to figure out what's in and what's out — a series drama about the hard knocks of black life may not get a yes vote. But what about white folks? Well, it has been proven that white folks — by and large — do not support black films of any genre. So who's really the devil behind the "Peeples" failure? I don't know, black folks wear many faces, some are two-faced, some can be found hiding in several different groups, some are poor and many could care less about spending their hard earn money on a movie. In short, there's a limited supply of black dollars and I've stopped trying to figure out whose hands are holding those mean greens. But I have empathy and compassion for screenwriter/director Tina Gordon Chism. She tried to do the right thing… and personally, I believe she did an excellent job.

Now check out the essay's last paragraph… "Chism's tactics for navigating the tricky currents of race, class and the studio system have already begun to pay off: She sold her thriller, called "Inheritance," to Sony. She begins shooting in August"

I wonder if the fickleness of black folks has taken that off the table? I'd also suggest everyone read Ann Hornaday's essay.


I have a feeling that the version of "Peeples" that hit theaters this weekend is VERY different from the "Peeples" film that Tina Chism directed/envisioned back in 2010/2011.

I understand that she partnered with Tyler Perry for a number of strategic regions, i.e. the doors that he could open and the access to press junkets that Ms. Chism would normally not be able to access, but ultimately she may want to release her next film solely on her own.


"Think Like a Man" consisted of a mainly Black cast and did extremely well at the box, with Whites flocking to see it as well as Blacks. It isn't that Black audiences are fickle or that White movie goers won't go see "Black" films, it's that PEOPLE want a GOOD movie. That includes not presenting them with unbelievable, unfunny, or trite plots!


The movie did poorly solely because of the idiots who decided to release it the same weekend as Gatsby and Iron Man oh and in the summer! Peeples is so a fall or beginning of the year movie. Not a summer one. I wanted to watch the movie, not because I thought it was any good, but just because. I'll still watch it when it comes out on DVD, but the class issues is done to death in black films. I think black people need to expand. Our movies don't just have to be by the book rom coms. They don't even have to be comedies for goodness sake! They can be sci fi, dry, moody, melancholic, thriller, artsy, etc. I watch Womb, Eternal Sunshine, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Pride and Prejudice and I think we can do movies like that. SO WHY HAVEN'T WE? And I think like some have said Scandal is a success because it's a primarily white cast with enough color to seem diverse, but not too much color as to look polarizing.


I wanted to see the film this weekend after seeing the trailer before Temptation (yep, I saw it). Problem is, I work most weekends and this just happened to be one. It was also against some steep competition with Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby running against it. It was also not advertised as well or as heavily as the other films that are airing right now.

I would see it because I like Kerry Washington and want to see her in another role besides the President's lover. I'll try to catch he film sometime soon, but if I go for the other big picks instead, then oh well.


I don't think fans of Kerry or Scandal have any interest in seeing Kerry with a black guy. I think most people find that completely unbelievable. If the male lead was a handsome young white man it would have done better.


When I saw "Tyler Perry Presents" tag on it I knew it was not worth even a consideration. I think the WPost article this past Friday whih included a quote from Tambay perfectly summed up what's wrong with this film and black movies in general.

As for "leading man" material….it's a comedy. Most comedians are not leading men by Hollywood's standards so I don't see why Robinson should be any different. Now if you wrote that he doesn't have star quality or is not interesting or funny on screen that would be a more important distinction.

Monique a Williams

Tyler Perry's name and the wack marketing were an immediate signal to NOT see!


Honestly, I didn't even know this film was being released this weekend. I imagine I wasn't alone. Seriously, zero buzz, even on the blogs and social media. Something tells me these basement numbers are a bigger reflection of poor marketing than of the quality (or lack thereof) of this movie.



Don't y'all ever get tired of blaming Tyler Perry for all the woes of black cinema? I mean, come on, the man had nothing to do with this films sad performance at the box office. But it's a wrap, I'm done, my faith in the black audience has been depleted. I am serious, even my man Sergio has let me down.

Listen, I'd hate being a white producer because black folks baffle me. I know, I know, we're-not-a-monolithic-group but many of us don't know what the hell we want. I mean, on one hand there are those who talk bad about "Tyler's crowd", but praise Kerry Washington in Scandal. But did they support Kerry in "Peebles"? Hell no they didn't. Why? Maybe, just maybe, there wasn't enough nasty mess for that crowd? Maybe… since Kerry's lover was a single black man, they couldn't get with that? Or maybe, just maybe, the humor was too high-brow for THAT crowd?

Shiiiiiiiit, my hat is tipped to the writers and the whole cast. This film, in my opinion, was the funniest and wittiest black comedy in years. And all the actors were superb. S. Epatha Mekerson killed it. Her comedic timing (which surprised me) showed she's a true professional. And Kerry Washington, although I am not a real fan of hers, carried this part to a tee. I believe, to some degree, her great performance was an extension of the writer and director (fine job).

The kid from Everybody Hates Chris (Tyler James Williams) was very convincing as the "troubled" teenage little brother. And, although some cannot appreciate David Allen Grier's subtle excellence, his facial expressions and body language spoke to me. Conseuently, he cracked me up at least 10 times. Now Craig Robinson might not be a name most blacks run to, but the man is funny, and he didn't fail me.

But again, in short, what the hell are black folks looking for? I know, we're-not-a-monolitic-group, but damn, where's the balance? I mean, can I cry one mo' time…

Damn-Damn-Damn, my people, my people… MY PEOPLE, were forth art thou?

D.C. Kirkwood

This should have come out on DVD or Lifetume. Quit playing!! This was not movie theater material.


I forgot Kerry Washington and Diahann Carroll was in this movie. The promos I saw were heavy on Tyler Perry's name, Craig Robinson and David Allen Grier. Maybe more people (= black women) would have ventured out to see it if the ads focused on the actresses… esp. considering it was opening Mother's Day weekend. The movie still would have been a let down but at least the opening numbers would have been better.

Also might be due to Tyler Perry overload. Temptation hasn't been gone two months and here's another Tyler Perry branded film. Gotta space those suckers out. Black folks only have so much money they're willing to spend on movies.


Why it failed?

Tyler Perry's name on it was a major turnoff for a lot of folks I know. Look at who the cast is-they all have names that folks know of. He didn't need his name on it just because it was filmed with his studios and stuff. Who else does that?

Timing-4 of the cast has tv shows airing this season. Did any ad for these films every appear during the Office (Robinson), Our Missing (S. Epatha Mekerson), Scandal (Washington) or Go On (James Tyler Williams).

This would have been better coming out during February when all 4 shows were still on the air. Not when the Office is done and Go On got axed the same day the film came out.

In fact outside of Washington & Robinson-did any of the other cast promote this film?

It is also Mother's Day weekend..


Some excellent spot on points made with regard to the marketing and the cast.
And, NO, this movie was not marketed during any episodes of "Scandal." But Washington was out marketing the film, and was on Jimmy Kimmel last Thursday and I believe she and the cast of "Scandal" will be on GMA tomorrow or Tuesday.

I like what someone said about it not being "low-brow" enough for TP's audiences. Can't say I disagree. What with it taking place in the Hamptons. Didn't know it had a "lesbian" subplot. …

Also, agree that no one was buying the relationship between Washington and Robinson, and that Robinson isn't on the radar of most black people (I was never a fan of "The Office" and don't know any black person who is).

And, yes, putting TP's name all over everything hurt the marketing for moviegoers unfamiliar with his work and those who are familiar with his work.

Bottomline: The trailers didn't look funny.

Finally, I will be VERY interested to see what the numbers are when his two TV shows premiere, in two weeks, on OWN during memorial day weekend.


What happened was nobody wanted to see an "urban" Meet the Parents knockoff.


Because people are tired of Tyler Perry and his hackneyed productions. Duh.


Not many peeples be interested in dis here mooby…lol…sorry, I couldn't resist.


C'mon, man. Nobody wanted to see this b.s. Who would greenlight this turd? Oh, wait…

Mark and Darla


Tinsel & Tine

Great breakdown of what went wrong. The only thing you forgot was Washington and Robinson had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever, you'd never believe she'd fall for him, successful or not.

I wrote about the film in a way not to hurt it, but it was hard for me to be super positive about an unfunny movie. I do however want to see more movies with black casts that are not black movies and I don't want studios like Lionsgate to believe it can't work, just because this one didn't.


As others have said below, I'd actually also throw in the possibility that Tyler Perry's name on the project scared some people away – people that may have seen it otherwise.

If the film's marketing was effective in one thing, it's that it led audiences to believe that this was a Tyler Perry movie – even thought it's not. I'd say that Lionsgate's plan backfired. I understand if there was ambivalence in selling Chism, a first-time director, to audiences who aren't already familiar with her, but I don't quite understand why they didn't sell the film on its cast – especially Kerry Washington, whose star is really shining right now, thanks in large part to the success of "Scandal." I haven't watched "Scandal" in a while, and I wonder if the trailer or any TV spots for "Peeples" played during "Scandal" commercial breaks, leading up to the movie's release. That would seem like a no-brainer to me, since she stars in the TV series, as well as the movie.

But I think the entire cast was impressive enough, that stamping Tyler Perry's name on every single piece of marketing material was unnecessary, and maybe even detrimental. I read a lot comments across the black blogosphere, as well as on social media sites, from other folks who thought this was a Tyler Perry movie, and, really for that reason alone, decided that they weren't interested in seeing the film – folks who actually love some of the actors, and may have seen the film otherwise, if it was sold on its cast, and up-and-coming writer/director instead.

What's interesting is that Tyler Perry's audience apparently didn't really turn out for the film either, despite his attempts. Meanwhile, "Temptation," a genuine Tyler Perry film, which is far worse than "Peeples" in my not-so-humble opinion, with a cast that doesn't even compare to that of "Peeples," opened to $22 million.


Timing and marketing. Peeples wasn't quite horrendously lowbrow enough for TP's audience to consider it comedy. Putting TP's name above the title made the rest of the world not even care. Like Sergio, I'm at a loss. On paper it looked like this would do Jumping The Broom numbers Mother's Day Weekend. Maybe greater outreach to churches might've helped but a big subplot involves lesbianism (taboo). Summer blockbuster season is starting earlier and earlier. It's clear that opening the week after Iron Man 3 wasn't a good idea.


Peeples would have made more money had Tyler cast a typical black lead that his audience is used too. Although Craig is very successful in films geared towards white audiences he does not have a strong appeal towards the urban audience. There was nothing in this film to draw white audiences to it.


I saw the was good, but I too thought it restrained Craig's talents. Agree that the movie came out at the wrong time of the year as this is the beginning of box office time when even minorities are looking for a big lavish or escapist movies to get away from the norm. In terms of the other acting, I thought it was a mature performance by Grier as you can't expect him to play stand up comedy for the rest of his career. Kerry was no Olivia Pope or Broomhilda, but she was OK.

Miles Ellison

I guess a watered down black version of Meet the Parents is a tough sell.

Jen Jen

I actually wanted to see this movie, but I had NO idea it was coming out this weekend until a friend mentioned it yesterday evening. That's why I haven't seen it (yet). I think the marketing for this movie has been terrible. My two cents.


I didn't see it because 1) Tyler's Perry name being attached it. Even though he didn't write or direct, if he likes something I know for sure that I won't.
2) It looked like a stinker. Nothing in trailers made me want to see it.

Black film makers and actors need to put themselves behind better quality work PERIOD. I know it's hard out there, but the effort needs to be made.


Has anyone checked Twitter? Maybe Jesus is back.


What went wrong, in addition to the movie, was Black audiences in general. Most of them would rather see "Madea" being a buffoonish mess, than any sort of positive and real depiction of Black folks and their relationships. Just look back to the opening weekend of "Red Tails". Not knocking Madea, but we are so much more than that.


I'm mad that you keep callin it Peebles though, Sergio…


I agree with Ted. After wasting my time and brainpower on Temptation, I was good on TP. So seeing his name in front of Peeples kept me away from the film. I saw Gatsby instead this weekend and was glad that I did.
Also, when I watched the clips, I felt like someone tried to mash together Wedding Crashers and Meet the Fockers and put a black cast in it and failed.


I stayed away from it because it had 'Tyler Perry' in front of the title.

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