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Why Women Sports Journalists Get No Respect

Why Women Sports Journalists Get No Respect

Women sports journalists have never gotten the respect they deserve.

Sadly, there is a logical explanation: They’re more often than not, very attractive.

This piece explains the syndrome quite well:…

It’s ridiculous. There are many totally incompetent men working in sports journalism but they always seem to get a free pass for their incompetence. 

Women, whether they’re good or bad at their jobs, are invariably judged first as sex symbols on TV. It’s a disgrace. No matter how many headlines “Lean In” gets as a feminist breakthrough, women will get hassled on the diamond, gridiron, basketball court and at a hockey rink.

I don’t much welcome the intrusion of any sideline sportscaster cutting in during the play by play of a sports event. I think those in-game interviews are usually insipid, regardless of who is doing them. You know what I mean: “Coach, your team is down by 45 points at the half. How do you feel?” Or, “You just scored 8 goals to win the Stanley Cup — how does it feel?” And yes, guys ask those questions, too. 

But that doesn’t mean that the likes of Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver or ABC/ESPN’s Doris Burke and Heather Cox — three of the best women journalists in television sports of their time — aren’t doing their best to inform us.

Give female spots journalists a break. Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful.

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