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Zach Galifianakis Ruins Your Day By Suggesting Mr. Chow-Centric ‘Hangover’ Spin-Off, Plus New TV Spot

Zach Galifianakis Ruins Your Day By Suggesting Mr. Chow-Centric 'Hangover' Spin-Off, Plus New TV Spot

There’s probably mixed feelings going around about the conclusion of “The Hangover” trilogy when the third film opens this Thursday. For some, the films have been among the most seminal comedies of their generation, making Bradley Cooper an A-lister, and introducing the world at large to the talents of Zach Galafianakis. For others, they’ve been increasingly lazy, misogynistic, fratty films the popularity of which will never quite be explained.

But the trilogy, at least for the moment, is winding down with the release of “The Hangover Part III,” but given that it’s likely to at least match the record-breaking box office of the previous installments, will this really be the end? We’re probably a few years off a “Hangover Part IV,” at least, but a spin-off might be more feasible, and Galifianakis, talking to Entertainment Tonight (via Digital Spy), has an idea of what it might be — and to be honest, we suspect he’s trolling.

“The ‘Hangover’ movies… have to be in the context of the three of us, I think, and Doug as well. If there was a spinoff — I don’t think I envision a spinoff — but if there was one, I think one with [Mr. Chow, Ken Jeong‘s demented Chinese gangster character] would work.” In small doses, Jeong, best known aside from the “Hangover” films for his role on “Community“, can be very funny, but as he’s become more and more central to the “Hangover” franchise, he’s become less and less entertaining, so this sounds like pretty much the worst idea ever to us. It should also be emphasized that Galfianakis is purely hypothesizing at this point, especially to Warner Bros executives who might have their finger over the greenlight button.

But are we wrong? Would you flock to a Ken Jeong-centric “Hangover” spin-off? Is there another character in the movies that you’d rather see the film focus on? Let us know in the comments section below, but not before you check out a new TV spot that plays up the bromance aspects of the film; not the sort of thing you’d usually get from a big R-rated comedy like this one…

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I don’t know why all the hate on Chow?! He is so amazingly cute, I wish he would come back in a spin-off, without any girls of course, that would be amazing, I love love love him soo much, I can’t explain it at all but I wanna know MORE of him <3333


after seeing the third which was more then anyone expected in my opinion i think a good spinoff for the hangover would be (SPOILER ALERT!!!!)the adventures alan has with his new wifebut its just an idea ive came up with also if they were to make that spin off definitely need bradly on board as some type of cameo seeing how alan feels like thats his favorite of the group and stu getting dragged along into the mischief


Ken Jeong is unbearable, like a migraine in human form. I just want him to be quiet. To go away. And to never come back.


I agree with almost all of what you say but I think their popularity can be explained. For such a "lazy, misogynistic, fratty film" the first one is actually brilliantly conceived as it really is all of those things you said (essentially a group-buddy comedy), but the story structure is that of a detective story, allowing Todd Phillips to take us on the ride with these lovable fools (though perhaps Galifnakis's character is the only fool… by conventional standards at least). Phillips has a really good understanding of story for someone who makes such low-brow films, the problem is when he relies too heavily on formula, as he did in the second installment which essentially apes the first one but does so in Bangkok. No comment on the spinoff until I see the third.

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