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ABFF 2013: Join Tambay For ‘The Artist’s Vision: Cultural Criticism & The Filmmaker’s Voice’

ABFF 2013: Join Tambay For 'The Artist's Vision: Cultural Criticism & The Filmmaker's Voice'

If you’ll be in South Beach, Miami this weekend for the American Black Film Festival, on Saturday, June 22, I’ll be doing what I do best, which is running my mouth about stuff, in a conversation with Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Kim Hardin, moderated by Dr. Michele Prettyman Beverly, PhD., in a panel titled: The Artist’s Vision: Cultural Criticism and the Filmmaker’s Voice.

Expect discussion on topics we’ve hammered away on, like the so-called “burden of representation,” obligations the black artist has to his/her community, etc.

Should be edutaining! Maybe I’ll see you there…

For ticket info for this panel, as well as for the rest of the festival’s events (screenings, talks, workshops, etc), visit the ABFF website HERE.

Full details in the image above.

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I personally believe Black Filmmakers should create film that is more positive for black moviegoers. They will still receive support regardless of what they create, but speaking from a viewer stand point (not writer), I am tired of watching the gangbanging, shoot em' up, Come to Jesus, I was molested, Single mother, Deadbeat dad, Black struggle type of flicks.

I might receive some backlash for saying this, but save the Social Consciousness for the Documentaries. Do white folks constantly express how good it is to be "white" through their film?!? So why must we constantly point out our struggles in a film. You go to the movies, or at least I go to the movies to be entertained, live vicariously through someone with a perfect life, someone with magical powers, and someone who has the perfect mate, and so on. I do not want to go and watch how difficult it is to be black. I live it every damn day. We need more of a variety, and as an Aspiring Screenwriter, I am trying my best to bring it through my writing.

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