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An Animated Look At The Licensing Expo

An Animated Look At The Licensing Expo

The Licensing Expo has taken over the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas this week – and the trend is animation, cartoon characters and zombies. 

Armed with my trusty iPhone I roamed the halls and snapped a few pix of interest. First stop, Warner Bros. Consumer Products where the emphisis was on the new CG series, Beware The Batman – and the upcoming Tom & Jerry Show

Then I strolled by Dreamworks booth where, in addition to their own portfolio of properties (Shrek, Dragons, Kung Fu Panda, Madagacar, Turbo, etc.), the studio is beginning to exploit their Classic Media aquistitions – Casper, Rocky & Bullwinkle, etc.

Walked over to 20th Century Fox’s booth where I caught a glimpse of the teaser poster for Jorge R. Gutierrez and Guillermo Del Toro’s The Book of Lifeoh, and there’s gonna be an Alvin 4:

A company called WowWee had the idea of taking every Disney Princess and re-making them into Zombies (designed by Toon Studio of Bevery Hills)…

King Features is offering up Betty Boop Zombies, too. Here’s the flyer (front and back, below)

King is also touting the flip side – this cute Baby Boop:

It wasn’t all Hollywood glitz – this booth featuring generic knock-offs was more typical of what was being offered at Licensing Expo 2013

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I remember going to the Licensing expo when it was in NYC for about 20 years before it left New York. I remember when I was the only one on the web who knew about the damn thing. Sadly, not that many people remember it anymore. It was THE place to get promotional stuff for many projects never to be seen again, like the Jim Carrey version of "Mr. Limpet" Also, early stuff from what WOULD see the light of day. Disney used to boycott it every year until '02 or


Is that new Rocky artwork at the Dreamworks booth?


Betty Boop Zombies??? What the heck? Not only does that look disturbing, but I'm thinking the Betty Boop audience isn't exactly looking for this sort of stuff… At least I'd hope not.

Max Masius

I want to know if I can see new pics from Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Animation and more from Licensing Expo 2013.

Mark Mayerson

You can always count on King Features to throw their characters at whatever trend is hot at the moment, no matter how inappropriate it is.


I really wish someone would already put a bullet in the head of this Zombie trend.

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