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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Making A Zombie Movie Now, While Dwayne Johnson Is Rumored For ‘Terminator 5’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Making A Zombie Movie Now, While Dwayne Johnson Is Rumored For 'Terminator 5'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is determined to become a big screen star again, even though audiences don’t seem to care about him in non-“Expendables” movies. Did you go see “The Last Stand” earlier this year? Do you even give a shit about his upcoming movie “Escape Plan” with his buddy Sylvester Stallone? Yeah, we thought so. And you’ll probably care just as much about this.

Arnie is jumping into the zombie movie game by producing and starring in “Maggie,” but no, he won’t be one of the undead, so keep those acting jokes to yourself. Instead, the Black List script by John Scott 3 (yes, he has a number in his name for some reason, because fuck Roman numerals) centers on a Dad caring for his daughter who is slowly turning into a zombie. Awww. Is this a comedy? A drama? Whatever it is, commercials dude Henry Hobson will direct this sure-to-be zombie canon-worthy production in the fall.

Meanwhile, Arnie is also gearing up to play The Terminator — again — in “Terminator 5,” though he may be joined by one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood right now. Granted, the source is WWE Examiner, so salt and everything, but they claim Dwayne Johnson is being sought to join the movie. No word yet on his role — will the duty of protecting John Connor be passed on to The Rock? — but it’s claimed that the story will be set before the birth of Sarah Conner, taking place in the 1940s and 50s, with the parents presumably as the target. You would think by now these sophisticated killing machines would be able to do the job. Guess not.

Anyway, Johnson’s schedule should be open for the planned January shoot, so we’ll see how this shakes out. But why would you take a charismatic dude like Johnson, strip all that out and have him walk around as an emotionless killing machine? (If that’s his role — maybe he’ll be a regular dude, but we doubt it). Oh right, because he can guarantee box office. Shrug. [Variety/ComingSoon]

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i saw last stand and its not that bad, after all its a bloody action movie and it was better than bullett to the head, and if johnson is in t5 , it might be good, anythings got to be better than t3.


well the 'dad caring for the soon-to-be-zombie daughter' was also in the plot of dead rising 2


Reads like an angry, out-of-work screenwriter sitting in a puddle of his own disgust. This article is like a troll's contribution.


This site would be a lot better if it weren't for Kevin Jagoff's weirdly anti-action jerk off articles. I'd go to slashfilm if I wanted a bunch of obnoxious bullshit. Maybe I didn't go see The Last Sand because of nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself and the fact that it just didn't sound or look like a movie worth a theater visit for. Fucking bloggers always trying to create some imaginary narrative out of nothing.


I will admit that Sabatoge has some promise.

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