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Canceled ABC Series ‘666 Park Avenue’ Returns Tomorrow, Saturday, June 22

Canceled ABC Series '666 Park Avenue' Returns Tomorrow, Saturday, June 22

For fans of the series, ABC will air the final four episodes of 666 Park Avenue, starting tomorrow, Saturday, June 22, at 9/8c.

It was last November that the network canceled the first-year series due to weak ratings. While it started the season well, viewership gradually dropped from week-to-week, averaging 4 million viewers.

The remaining 4 episodes are titled “The Comfort of Death,” “Sins of the Fathers,” “The Elysian Fields” and “Lazarus: Part 1.” 

They will run from June 22 through July 13.

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Michele Antoinette Walker

I have to comment just once more and say how in the hell did "supernatural" television show make it after all those sea sons and 666 park Avenue not even get past their 1st??? Supernatural blows people!! I’m so confused over this horrifying reality.

Michele Antoinette Walker

I’m very upset about this show ending. It was suberily well written and directed with an amazing cast. I just found it yesterday on Netflix and literally couldn’t stop watching all night until today. I am shocked that this show was canceled and like I said very upset. Please someone see this with money and real it up again! Television sucks these days!


    i have watched this show twice now and it intrigues me every time. Was a bummer that there aint no second sn it would have blown me i mean Jane having a Drake baby i just couldn’t wait for it


Very upsetting when I watched the first season on Netflix and really loved the show then went online to see if there was second season come to find out there never was. They seriously should bring it back


Watched this show 3 yrs ago when it came out couldn’t believe it was canceled, this is why ABC SUCKS. Hardly watch u r channel anymore. STOP CANCELING GOOD SHOWS STUPID EXECS.


It’s very unfortunate that ABC cannot properly advertise a good show. 666 park Avenue was a great show. The directors need to find a better network that would air the 2nd season of this incredible show. I guarantee that it would potentially get greater ratings with the proper marketing team.


I would really like to see a second season. This show was amazing. It’s sad that there’s nothing but reality shows on tv nowadays. I watch tv to escape reality. Shows like 666 Park Avenue are what I want to see. I couldn’t give a crap less about the real housewives of whatever, or the Kardashian’s undeserved wealth and fame. I want a good story to consume me. I want magic, horror, adventure, love, sex, and something new to discover.


I really enjoyed this show a lot. I can’t wait for Season 2 to be release. Hopefully it will be soon.


Bring the show back people will love it




Please bring the show back I really enjoyed it!!


One if best show I’ve watched why is it ABC cancels the best shows after one season. The finder, no ordinary family and now this what is wrong with them. Reality TV sucks I want some good fiction you had it and now cancel it. Your TV station is crap it doesn’t matter if you come out with new shows I’m not watching your station anymore I’m afraid to get into another show you are just find cancel after one season. The finder didn’t do well because you advertised it at wrong time. I could never find it when it was airing. These other TV shows are prob same way. I mean you keep making awful shows to replace for ones it doesn’t work u had something new and awesome with 666 park ave. Putting horror in a TV setting if it didn’t do well it’s cause it was on your station and purple get sick of getting into shows you are just gonna cancel.


Abc needs to bring this show back for season 2,3,4 and on this show is awsome!!! Please

Heather Rose

Please bring it back……one of the best shows i've ever watched.
The show is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Margot c

Season 2!!!!!! Please


Bring it baccccckkkk! My entire family watched it on Netflix! Couldn't get enough!


I found all 13 shiws on netflix and liked it so much I watched them back to back in 3 days……Do those powers that be at ABC even bother to read. Bring 666 Park Avenue BACK…with the SAME cast! TV can put on losers who kill animals, backwood redneck losers and other garbage TV but a good series with good, great fun, entertaining actors, storyline, and you cancel it! Idiots

Crystal Kurk

I just got done watching the first season and I love this show! It's a shame that they have canceled the show! Another great show that ABC canceled!!

Rob n Jen

Oops I mean BRING BACK 666 PARK AVENUE!!! :)

Rob n Jen

ABC got it wrong but we will forgive them if they bring the show back! Dump Revenge and 666 Park Avenue!


This show was so intriguing and kept you guessing what was going to happen next! It was not the average show on TV and shame on the network for not promoting it and canceling it! It had such an intriguing storyline and kept us wondering what was going to happen next and for the network to try to close up everything in one episode is bull and just makes me want to stop watching any new shows. Thanks a lot ABC. You got rid of a truly unique show that had so much potential. And way to go not even a full closing to it. Guess maybe you want to keep all the other over played professions network TV like to make a program out of.


BOOOOO! I can't believe they canceled this show. I loved it! Oh well…another good series that doesn't fit the same ole' cookie cutter mold show ….out the door….

Destiny tran

ABC is crazy! I don't even know why they cancel this exciting show. I am pissed as hell. This show is not just exciting, but it makes you look forward to see what happen next. Please bring back this show, ABC. There's not much to watch on TV now a day. This show should not be cancel!


Unreal what is wrong with ABC finnally come up with a good show in a really lonnnnng time just to find out cancelled!Zero hour too what r u executive s thinking reality TV OK but come on people still like good entertainment.quit. teasing us with good shows just to cancel them.what a bunch of B.S.


Although "Park Avenue 666" got off to a slow start, it had become quite engrossing a few episodes before ABC made the shortsighted decision to cancel it. I thought "Park Avenue" and "Revenge" made a great evening of TV. I have not found "Red Widow" to be a replacement for "Park Avenue." ABC: Bring this series back! Viewers do not live by reality TV alone!


I really enjoyed this show, and thought it was doing good. Scary to think what Television will be like 5-10 years from now. Can we survive off reality alone?


I went to the panel for this show at New York Comic Con 2012. There was a massive turn out for it. It is sad how such a good show was cancelled. SMDH


I agree with them ^


this is bullshit!!! supernatural is so overrated with like fucking 40 seasons and now this doesnt have a second season? idiots..


A season 2 have to happen this show was amazing then they end they show with a cliffhanger!! Season 2 has to happen, who cares about poor ratings at Netflix.. My heart is broken.. park Avenue Must Go On!!!


    Atleast add the show to netflix**


Why do they always cancel really good, interesting shows and then keep childish crap on for years!!!!

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