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Carey Mulligan Takes Frontrunner Position To Play Hillary ‘Rodham’ Clinton Rumors

Carey Mulligan Takes Frontrunner Position To Play Hillary 'Rodham' Clinton Rumors

While names and beautiful talented faces like Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon were rumored not so long ago to be in the running to take the lead in “Rodham,” it looks like that list has been whittled down fast. Chastain herself took her name out of the running, but now a new name has emerged as the frontrunner to bag the part.

Perhaps in a bid to reverse American Meryl Streep playing Brit Margaret Thatcher, Carey Mulligan is now the “top choice” beating out the aforementioned folks and even Emma Stone for the part of Hillary Clinton. This is all super early, but she’ll be meeting soon with director James Ponsoldt, and THR says “both sides are eager for it to work.” But as always, nothing is final, and other names are still in the atmosphere, so who knows if this’ll pan out. 

The Black List script by Young Il Kim focuses on Clinton’s student days and her rise into the world of politics, her work on the committee to impeach Richard Nixon, and yes, her dalliance with a young sax player named Bill. It seems that everyone involved wants to get this made soon (perhaps because Clinton could run for President in 2016, talk about timing) so we’d wager it’s only a matter of time until a decision is made.

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I dislike that these biopics are being made while the real life counterparts are still very much active. "W" landing in theaters while Bush was still in office. C'mon, way too soon.


Don't do it Carey! Don't give in to 2016 neoliberal Democratic propaganda!


Carey hadn't occurred to me for the part, but I really like the idea of her casting. She's extremely talented and this sounds like it would be a challenging role for her.

Oogle monster

Mulligan is a terrific actress and I think she will do a fine job. She's a far better actress than Scar Jo and company, so this is a terrific decision.


Mulligan is a bit slight and mousy-looking, but was wonderful in An Education and this film is probably going to be somwhat similar to that – a period film about a smart young woman forced to choose between a man and her education/personal ambitions. If she perfects the accent and puts on 5-10lb, I think she'd be great for this role.

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