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Casey Affleck Joins The Amazing Cast Of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

Casey Affleck Joins The Amazing Cast Of Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'

With his producing gig on “Man On Steel” in theaters and proving to be a great success, Christopher Nolan‘s attention, as well as executive-producing “Transcendence,” which stars Johnny Depp and marks the directorial debut of his DoP Wally Pfister, is now shifting to his next job in the director’s chair: “Interstellar.” 

The filmmaker is returning again to original material for the movie, a hard sci-fi tale penned by his brother Jonathan and a one-time Steven Spielberg project. As ever, he’s assembling a hell of a cast. Previous collaborators both recent and old are on board in the shape of Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine, while there’s also an injection of new blood, with Matthew McConaughey taking the lead role, Jessica Chastain also on board and theater veteran Bill Irwin (“Rachel Getting Married“) in the cast too. Now, one of our favorite actors is preparing for launch too, with the news that Casey Affleck has joined the cast.

In an interview with Elle Magazine (via NolanFans — thanks to reader James for the tip-off) in support of the BAMcinemaFest screening of “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” Affleck revealed his involvement, saying of his future plans “I’ve got a movie coming out at Thanksgiving called ‘Out Of The Furnace,’ and I’m going to work on a Chris Nolan movie in the fall.”

While Affleck’s no stranger to studio pictures, he’s mostly shied away from tentpoles, bar his appearances in Steven Soderbergh‘s ‘Ocean’s’ movies, but the fact that he’s signed on to Nolan’s film is another testament to the weight of talent the “Inception” helmer is able to attract, and it’s another ace addition of what was already a superb cast. Filming’s set to get underway later in the fall, and the movie will hit theaters on November 7th, 2014. 

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I think it's important to remember that these are the star names attached to the film. I'm sure there will be a more international cast involved in the film too and hopefully the cast isn't just all white Americans/British. But that aside the cast looks strong and it will be interesting to see Nolan back with sci-fi. I only wish they were sending Michael Caine into space so he could have a no nonsense conversation with a black hole.


Inception was all exposition. Dark Night Rises was a over-long bore. Memento doesn't add up. And Chris Nolan is the most overrated director of our generation. Get at me fanboys. I'll take you all on!


God that's awesome, Nolan really knows what hes doing with casting, this is going to be amazing. Affleck is great too, I like how he always sounds sad


As long as he doesn't cast Ken Wantabe or Marion Cottiard in it. Damn, they suck at speaking English.


Awesome!So glad to see he finally rises up from the mocumentary scandal,with Ain't Them Bodies Saints,Out of Furnace and Christopher Nolan,Good for him!


He's a great actor.

But, why is Hollywood still making sci-fi films set in the future with all-white casts? Seriously, there are no Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, South Asians, or black people in the future? #Fail


Bill Irwin!!!


I just saw "The Assassination of Jesse James." Casey Affleck was amazing in it. I'm glad to hear of his upcoming films.


Hell Yes!!! The most underrated actor of his genaration!


Wow, amazing cast indeed.
I just really, really hope the screenplay is good this time. I mean, Inception and Rises were fantastic cinema experiences, but they don't hold up well after repeat viewings. Which is too bad, especially considering films like The Prestige and Memento get better each viewing.


Awesome! So underrated.

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