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‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Book Series To Become A Movie Franchise, Missing The Point Completely

'Choose Your Own Adventure' Book Series To Become A Movie Franchise, Missing The Point Completely

If you are of a certain age, the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series likely played a part in your childhood. The books have a clever conceit, presenting a variety of already wild genre and adventure tales, in which the readers (usually 10 to 14 year olds) decided for themselves the path the narrative takes. Every few pages readers are presented with a few choices of where to take the protagonist next, with a page number to jump to depending on which option you decided on. It’s pretty fun stuff if you’re a kid, with books taking you forward and back, and eventually to an ending…sometimes a happy one or an unfortunate one, but it was never dull. The best ones had you reading again to see where the different options took the story. Somehow… this is becoming a tentpole.

Back in 2011, Red Crown Productions. snapped up the rights, and now 20th Century Fox is swooping in hoping to create what THR calls “a crossplatform four-quadrant action-adventure franchise.” Bleh. Of course, the entire concept of the books is that it’s the reader who drives where the story goes and bringing it to the hard-wired, non-risk taking format for the blockbuster world seems a bit counter-intuitive. Unless this is going to be “Sliding Doors” of $100 million dollar movies.

The other option is that Fox is just going to adapt the books directly and just choose what story they want to follow. We’d wager this is the direction they’ll probably go, but since this whole series is founded on the idea of interactivity from the person engaging in the story, this entire thing just sort of misses the point completely. But then again, this is Hollywood, so no surprises there. 

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No this makes sense. With streaming content growing in popularity and movie theater experiences declining, it's a logical evolution. Kids today are more interested in watching things on their devices, and this is a stab at defining the future…it's only a matter of time, folks. This may not succeed, but it's not as foolish as you seem to think.


Or it will be Jumanji meets Groundhog Day with the characters being aware they are acting out a story and that they possess the ability to re-direct/unwind/rewind/reset/whatever. Not all that tough to imagine actually. If done right it could be a hit and Playlist will be raving about it becoming the surprise hit of the year like this sneaky article never happened.


Choose Your Own Adventure books were great fun, but they were basically REALLY low-tech video games, allowing you constant choices about how to proceed. You're right, a movie of them defeats the purpose.


Wasn't Francis Ford Coppolas Twixt originally conceived as sort of conceptually choose your own adventure? I remember reading somewhere he was originally going to tour that movie and the cut that would screen would depend of the audiences reactions to certain sections. Anyways I'm sure this will suck because it's a studio tentpole but I think there exists out there somewhere an interesting way to do this concept on film

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