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‘Diana’ Gets Chased By Paparazzi In New Pics From Naomi Watts Starring Biopic

'Diana' Gets Chased By Paparazzi In New Pics From Naomi Watts Starring Biopic

Already twice-nominated for an Academy Award, can Naomi Watts get a third for the lead role in “Diana” as the titular princess? Many seem to think so and the new poster that just dropped online is begging to be plastered with “For Your Consideration” at the end of the year.

Appearing on Apple’s page for the film, the new poster is a pretty stark and simple affair, just Watts all done up like the famous princess with the film’s title hovering above. And a whole bunch of blank space. Can’t you just see the glowing quotes now? It’s always tricky when dealing with real life events, doubly so when it’s with a story and person this well-known, so we’re curious to see how Watts and, ultimately, the film handle the job.

Check out the full poster below as well a new series of stills which show both the love and hardship the late princess faced in private and in public. “Diana” hits theaters later this fall.

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@ JIM Naomi is leagues ahead of both Marion and Cate.


Talking about true talent, what Watts in Mulholland Dr. better than anything Marion Cotillard & Cate Blanchett ever done. Are they in films that are considered "great movie with great performance "?


These picks are freaking awful. She's trying way too hard, she really looks desperate to get that statue. I rather see a truly talented actress like Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard or Kate Winslet winning a second Oscar than Watts winning one, ever.


Watts is obviously not a dead ringer for Diana but her expressions in those stills are spot on. I'm not sure she can win the Oscar for this but then the Academy obviously loves the English monarchy (see Shakespeare in Love, The King's Speech)

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