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Disney Expands Its D23 Website

Disney Expands Its D23 Website

I don’t usually plug other websites – especially corporate ones. But I just got a look at the new that is going live today and must recommend it to all my friends who are Disney aficionados. They’ve enhanced and expanded the site in a complete overhaul that will provide more solid information and historical research than ever before. And they will be adding new material on a daily basis from here on out. 

All of this is available free to anyone – no clubs to join or memberships to buy (registration is required for much of the good stuff). Among the new sections I recommend are:

D’scovered – Treasures regularly unearthed by the Disney Archive. Among the material to be posted in the next few weeks: the storyboards for The Karnival Kid, alternative doalogue script by X. Atencio for The Haunted Mansion, and rare imagery for Mickey Mouse Park, the concept which evolved into Disneyland.

Disney A to Z – A complete and newly updated e-version of the Disney encyclopedia written by Disney Archive founder Dave Smith

Micro-sites devoted to the Walt Disney Archive and Disney Legends are also being established. A section called Weird Disney looks at unusual and outrageous pieces of Disney’s past; Attractions Rewind which celebrates forgotten attractions from Disneyland’s past; and two features being penned by David Gerstein, Born In  The Funnies and Lost Adventures, explore the comic strip/comic book universe of Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. 

Here’s a look:


The Walt Disney Archives brings the collections and exhibits from across The Walt Disney Company together. 


complete and newly updated electronic version of Disney A to Z, the definitive Disney
encyclopedia, has more than 7,000 entries written by Dave Smith, founder and
Chief Archivist Emeritus of the Walt Disney Archives – and Dave will be updating
this monthly.


Disney Legends program was established in 1987 to acknowledge and honor the
many individuals whose imagination, talents, and dreams have created the Disney

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Quite a few hoops to jump through for "free membership". Easier for illegals to vote in AZ.

Nic Kramer

Since I just got my kit today, I'll might as well look at the "Fan club only stuff.

And for the record, I mainly joined the club just to get the seasonally magazine. I'm not very happy that it's a fanclub exclusive now, but I'm guessing it has to due to the fact that magazines sales are down. I was probably the only person in my bookstore area to buy the magazine as there were still a dozen copies sitting in the stands.

Anyway, I somehow knew Gerstein was going to do the comic articles. I hope he does one for Fethery Duck as I really wish he was in animation.


I'm totally looking forward to the comic book/strip coverage.

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