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Do You Know That Karen Finney Has Her Own Show On MSNBC?

Do You Know That Karen Finney Has Her Own Show On MSNBC?

And honestly I mean that. Did you know that Karen Finney has her own show on MSNBC? Even I forgot about it, even though I wrote about it a few months ago for S & A.

Back in early April (HERE) I wrote that the former spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, press secretary for Hillary Clinton, columnist for both The Hill and Politico, and who has been a regular political pundit on MSNBC since 2009, had a deal to host a then-untitled weekend show for the network that would premiere sometime soon. 

Turns out that, without much fanfare or notice, it premiered back on June 8th.

I haven’t really seen a lot of promos for it. Wait, I’ll take that back. I haven’t seen any promos at all for it. If there have been, it must have been just the moment when I left the room.

The show is called Disrupt, because, according to Finney “it’s time to shake up the conversation, disrupt the status quo and change the way we think, innovate and create change.” 

It airs Saturdays and Sundays stating at 4PM (3PM Central time).

But as I said, until a hour ago, when I found out that it was on, I hadn’t seen a single episode. Have you? And if you have, what do you think?

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I am a huge MSNBC fan. Having said that, I'm a bit confused by a lot of their choices lately. Moving Chris Hayes from the weekends to weeknights where he does not have the time to do what he does best – talk about wonky things in depth. Giving Steve Karnacki the weekend slot? I love Steve, but he does not have the personality to carry a two hour show. And the Karen Finney thing??? Karen has no personality, she is SO uninteresting. She just reads the prompter (quite obviously) for an hour and every expression, comment, etc. is clearly pre-scripted. MSNBC has so many wonderful people consulting for them that they could have given this show to: Dr Michael Eric Dyson – so smart, personality and likeability galore; Joy Reed – Smart, beautiful, personable and relateable; and so many more – why in the world they decided to give a show to Karen Finney…I just do not know. Between letting Chris Hayes go to weeknights and replacing him with Steve and then hiring Karen Finney – they have really destroyed what was starting to be a really cool weekend lineup.

G. Froehlich

I love the show! I never miss it…just record it and watch when I have time. Karen is very smart, well-informed, and well worth watching. Maybe Saturday /Sunday is "dead time" for MSNBC, but it looks like their new weekend crew is about to change that!!

Jeff Winbush

MSNBC may say they want to create an interest for news on the weekend that doesn't currently exist, but sticking Karen Finney at 4:00 on a Saturday and Sunday (is it on Sunday too, right?) seems like they WANT it to flop. Who's even home at that time of day? When college and pro football start in a few months, the only way I'll even know Disrupt exists is if I'm channel surfing during a commercial. Finney was fine as a guest on various MSNBC shows, but I'm not sure she's ready to host a show by herself. She may not be around long enough to prove me wrong.


I haven't seen it yet. And though I am a huge MSNBC fan and generally disallow FOX in my home (so much so that I even called our cable provider and asked them to block or remove it), I do agree completely with the criticism that MSNBC shows largely mirror one another and by the time up get to the 9:00 p.m. block, you've basically heard it all.

Now, here's where I might take some criticism for not giving the "other side" – i.e., conservative media a chance. My response to this has always been that I do NOT get my "news" from MSNBC (for straight news, I go to either C-Span or the BBC.) Not only do I see the network for what it is – progressive-leaning opinion and entertainment – but I also acknowledge and appreciate the fact that they have branded themselves as progressives (see the "Lean Forward" rebranding from a year or two ago…) which basically means when you watch MSNBC, you should know up front that, if you are a card-carrying Dem as I am, you are going to hear a perspective that you mostly agree with. MSNBC is little more than the media arm of the DNC. They have admitted as much and so be it.

On the other hand, I REFUSE to watch FOX News because their claim of being "fair and balanced" is an outright lie. There are so many examples, I hardly know where to begin. Let's start with the anchor questioning whether Mrs. And Candidate Obama's congratulatory dap was a "terrorist fist jab." And just who do you think that sort of messaging was aimed at? Fair and balanced? When FOX News admits that they are the media arm of the GOP and the Tea Klux Klan, then perhaps I'll watch. Until then, I'm perfectly happy with MSNBC. FOX News can go to a fair and balanced hell.


I watched as much as I could take the last 2 weekends. It’s more of the same old stuff with the same old stale contributors selling one side of the same old arguments. Karen sits there yapping with eyebrows lifted and a frown for an hour and her guest agree with everything she says which is typically; the GOP are stupid, ignorant, and racist. Why anyone would want to spend a weekend afternoon watching “Disrupt” is beyond me…


I saw it flipping channels and watched it for 10 minutes because I thought the title of the show was so stupid. Honestly, her show embodies every worst aspect of MSNBC. Whether you agree with what she says or not, she is just an irritating person – like everybody else on the channel. Whatever your political preferences, these people are just unbearable – the kind of people you would be tempted to punch in the face if they were your co-worker. The main problem with MSNBC is that the on-air personalities basically combine a holier-than-thou attitude with pseudo-intellectualism – a toxic result. In fact, I'd say it's more annoying than the holier-than-thou anti-intellectualism on display at Fox News (again, I'm talking about the host personalities, not their politics – I don't feel like debating politics here anyway).

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