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Don Cheadle, Kerry Washington Talk Frankly About Life In Hollywood (Race, Gender, Activism)

Don Cheadle, Kerry Washington Talk Frankly About Life In Hollywood (Race, Gender, Activism)

A worth-listening to candid conversation with Don Cheadle and Kerry Washington, talking to Variety about life and work in the industry, issues of race and gender, and the role of activism. 

I believe it’s all part of Variety’s Primetime Emmy series (nominees will be announced next month).
The conversation is over 30 minutes long, and I enjoyed it, so check it out:

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Fascinating conversation with two really articulate, insightful artists!
Love, love, love Don Cheadle, and Kerry kills on "Scandal" every week.
These two represent, strongly, for the race like few others (I'm talking to you Will … Zoe).


Washington and Cheadle handled themselves very well, but I had a problem with the interviewer's line of questioning, particularly his focus on race. The whites being interviewed for the series probably had more of a fun & frothy interview experience about their artistry and the actual shows they starred in. I wanted to know more about their approach to their roles and where they see their characters and careers going.


Two of my favorites. Always smart, funny, and entertaining. Hoping for Kerry to soon get an Oscar worthy role!


man…this was pretty BORING!


This is heaven.


I love how they aren't like other actors and actresses who believe that race and gender shouldn't or doesn't matter when it comes to getting role (I see you Will). They're not naive and they know that their race and gender is apart of who they are and who society sees them.

Don Cheadle just solidified why I love him so much. Kerry Washington, though I don't care for her acting, I will always respect her because she understands how things work and never shied from identifying as a black woman. Unlike some actors who drink the Hollywood koolaid in believe in being colorless (Will) or that theirs no racism in Hollywood or society as a whole (Zoe). I will forever side eye Will and Zoe for those comments.


Insightful and intelligent.
Just like I like the entertainment I watch.

Waheedah Bilal

nice interview with two of my favorite actors; it is so good to see they are as multidimensional as the roles they take.

carol linda dunn

i love kerry washington. she is my #1 girl crush. she may not need an introduction but what she does need is to scrape that price tag off of the bottom of her shoes.


A really interesting conversation, and it proved that Kerry Washington was utterly underutilized in "Django Unchained." Love Don Cheadle; one of my favorite actors. I just don't care for his "House of Lies" show.

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