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Dorian Missick Lands Role In Jerry Bruckheimer-Produced Thriller ‘Beware The Night’

Dorian Missick Lands Role In Jerry Bruckheimer-Produced Thriller 'Beware The Night'

Dorian Missick has landed a role in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced super natural, Beware The Night, which begins shooting in New York City this summer.

Missick joins a cast that includes Eric Bana and Joel McHale, in a story that centers around a New York cop (Bana) who has put his faith in religion behind him, but now finds himself targeted by the devil in the form of a possessed soldier played by Sean Harris. McHale plays his partner.

Missick has signed up to play a character named Gordon, who’s described as a Bronx cop who attempts to solve strange crimes with mysterious surroundings.
Olivia Munn also stars as Bana’s wife, while Edgar Ramirez will play a renegade priest who convinces the cops that the crimes are demonic centered. 

Up next for Missick is the lead role in Neil Drumming’s festival darling dramedy Big Words, which AFFRM’s ARRAY will release next month.

Dorian is represented by Todd Eisner at Innovative Artists, Myrna Jacoby at MJ Management and Attorney Richard Genow of Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson and Binder

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Congratulations Dorian. You deserve this break with hopes it will skyrocket your well deserved career! A talented actor….plus he is cute!( smile)!

Jean L Atkins

Glad to see Dorian continue to get great parts. I continue to look forward to all his roles and have hight hopes for him and his future in films.

Adrian Stiner

Always looking for this guy to pop up in something. From 2 Weeks Notice, to Law & Order eps and of course Southland. I'm sure this will be great work as usual.

K Scott

I'm looking forward to seeing this already. Glad they recognized this dudes talent. Can't wait to see more.

Adam Scott Thompson

Good for him. I was hoping dude would land on his feet after I heard "Southland" was canceled (still salty about that).

Carl McKenzie

I enjoy this guy in every movie. He's for real.
Good actor. Glad to comment.

Hak the Block

I'm way biased here because D is my brother, but I just want to say that the world will soon know what we've known since you were a kid with all that heart, talent and hunger. The world is yours. You deserve it all. Love you, Homie.


What's up Dorian! You doing big things these days. Great to see you winning!

Paul G Riley

The second-most talented actor I've seen next to my ex-wife. She was a real Meryl Streep without a script or movie crew. But I digress – he's a really underrated actor and I've been following him for a while now. Kudos, Dorian!!


So that's his name – Dorian. He was friggin awesome in Lucky Number Sleven. I thought he would take off from there, but I bet it takes time for the really good underground character actors. I wonder if this new role allows him to do his thing like Sleven did. He seems to be great on his toes. At any rate, it's great to see his face pop up again.


Another cop role? Beats playing a crackhead! I'm happy for him. I hadn't heard of him before I saw him on Southland, and he really got my attention there. Great actor, I wish him the best.

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