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Dr. Katz starts Kickstarter Campaign

Dr. Katz starts Kickstarter Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign has begun to fund an animated comedy series starring comedian Jonathan Katz. Katz is best known for playing the title character on TV’s Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, a role for which he won an Emmy.

Jonathan and animator Mike Salva made an animated short called Death Row Diet (embed below). In it, Jonathan plays a man on death row and Weight Watchers, where he consults with his lawyer (played by Tom Leopold). The cartoon was a big hit at film festivals and won a lot of awards, including a television pilot award from the New York Television Festival.

Now Death Row Diet is being expanded into an animated series about the main character’s life in prison.
A number of scripts have been written, and they were ready to begin recording the dialogue, when their funding source for the project backed out. This put the production of Death Row Diet on hold indefinitely.
The creators immediately began planning a Kickstarter campaign to fund the series. They are offering rewards to backers, including a “special thanks” listing in the credits, an “associate producer” credit, a speaking part in the cartoon, DVD copies of  autographed by Jonathan Katz… and having the director & a voice actor come to your house to clean your bathroom.
The campaign runs until July 11, 2013. Complete details of the Kickstarter can be found here.

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Roberto Severino

The animation is actually an improvement over the Squigglevision stuff that was prevalent in the original, which isn't saying much, to be honest.

A way that this upcoming cartoon could have been better would have been to go the Ricky Gervais Show route, but go beyond trying to make appealing designs for these characters. Like making the animation enhance the dialog and such. A really funny drawing here and there can go a long way.

I'm fascinated by early UPA just like everyone else, but I don't think a general audience is going to give much of a flying crap about "designs." They want real, lively characters and a coherent story. Great designs and funny animation are a great balance to try to achieve at least.

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