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Elijah Wood Holds a Knife and…Something Else in the Creepy New Poster for ‘Maniac’

Elijah Wood Holds a Knife and...Something Else in the Creepy New Poster for 'Maniac'

Elijah Wood certainly knows how to look creepy, even without a full shot of his face. In the new poster for “Maniac,” Wood’s wide eyes are just out of frame, but his empty gun holster, long knife, and what is hopefully a blonde wig, not a scalp, are more than enough to put horror fans on edge. 

The remake of the 1980 B-movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 to mostly positive reviews. “Maniac” will hit VOD and play at the IFC Center in New York City on June 21. View the poster below.

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I really like this! It's a creepy and get the point across yet has a artsy vibe about it.


A direct copy of the original's poster (without the blood)… except they wanted to be clear about the fact that Elija Wood is in this movie.
On the other hand it as the advantage to be less of a too obvious Gaspar Noe rip-off than the previous one.

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