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Exclusive: Clip From Nuclear Energy Doc ‘Pandora’s Promise’ Reveals How Warheads Power Our Cities

Exclusive: Clip From Nuclear Energy Doc 'Pandora's Promise' Reveals How Warheads Power Our Cities

The issue of how to power our homes, offices and really, our lives, continues to be one that inspires fierce debate. As concern for the environment becomes an increasingly important element of the discussion, how we draw power without harming the world around is of vital importance. Nuclear energy has long been seen as a risky proposal at best, but could opinion be changing on the subject?

The upcoming “Pandora’s Promise” offers a different perspective than what you might normally hear. Directed by Academy Award nominee Robert Stone (“Radio Bikini“), the film presents environmentalists and energy experts — including Stewart Brand, Richard Rhodes, Gwyneth Cravens, Mark Lynas and Michael Shellenberger — who have changed course in their thoughts about nuclear power. And as this exclusive clip from the movie shows, their arguments are compelling, with this sequence revealing that the United States buys Russian warheads, dismantles and repurposes them into nuclear energy.

Sure to be provocative and informative, after premiering earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, the documentary opens in New York City on June 12th and expands on June 14th. To see when and where it plays near you click here. Watch below.

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Yay Nuclear industry propaganda.

What these monsters don't tell you…

The Future Children of Fukushima

Chernobyl-Real Horrors


Pandora's Promise tells a good story with velvet gloves and heartfelt confessions of a few sinners who have repented. But it pulls some very key punches… It's well worth the steep price of admission.

It just doesn't follow the money!

If it chose to do so it might tell the tale wherein "green" carpet-baggers have cashed in for decades by intensive marketing resulting in billions in donations to kill environment saving technologies and the environment… read more at

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