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George Lucas Says He Hasn’t Talked To J.J. Abrams About ‘Episode VII’ Yet: Is That A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

George Lucas Says He Hasn't Talked To J.J. Abrams About 'Episode VII' Yet: Is That A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

There are many, many questions regarding the continuation of the “Star Wars” series — the first of which, “Episode VII,” is now being worked on by J.J. Abrams — but one of the most pertinent of them is the extent to which franchise granddaddy George Lucas will be involved. As the creator of the series, and the director of the first movie, many will feel ambivalent about “Star Wars” films without Lucas involved, but others could be comforted by his absence, given the general quality of the prequels, all of which were directed by Lucas.

It’s not been any more clear due to the uncertainty of whether Lucas will actually be involved. He was initially described as a ‘creative consultant‘ on the new films, and while he was said to have been involved in meetings with writers, said he had no part in picking Abrams to direct, and has emphasized a certain distance from the new movies. And it seems that he’s not been kidding, as Lucas has revealed that he hasn’t even talked to Abrams about “Episode VII” yet.

Access Hollywood (via /Film) talked to Lucas this week, and the bearded billionaire told them “I have not spoken to J.J. He’s been busy with ‘Star Trek,’ and I’m sure that he’ll let me know when he’s got some questions. So, you know, that’s all going well. Kathy [Kennedy] tells me it’s working out great.” So it sounds like any fears of Lucas pulling the strings from behind the curtain have been pretty much unfounded; with Abrams now on full-time ‘Star Wars’ duty, and Lucas still out of the loop, the dynamic seems to be in place.

But should we pleased or disappointed that Lucas isn’t more involved? “Star Trek Into Darkness” proved that Abrams certainly isn’t infallible, and Lucas knows this universe better than most, so the occasional courtesy phone call might not be the best way to team the two up. But then, it’s hard to think back on “The Phantom Menace” and think that Lucas should have any influence on future ‘Star Wars’ pictures. Either way, Abrams is moving towards a shoot in the new year in London, so Lucas should probably expect some contact of some kind before then. “Star Wars Episode VII” is expected to hit in 2015.

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If anything, Star Trek Into Darkness proved he is infallible. But I think some of his other work has proven he is not (not Star Trek though – those are some of the best movies ever made).


Well, if it wasn't clear to poor George, he's been bought out, meaning they want to erase the memory of Star Wars I, II, and III. I wouldn't want him consulting anything.


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I hope Lucas keeps out of it and lets Abrams screw it up all on his own. People are finally going to realise that George Lucas IS Star Wars. Take him out of it and all that is left is bland, corporate schlock, just like Mission Impossible III and Star Trek Into Darkness. Goodbye love of 30s and 40s matinee serials, goodbye Kurosawa stylistic wipes, goodbye to that naive sense of wonderment. Hello to a dull new world of Simon Pegg being a complete arse and Abrams shooting everything like a TV movie.

The car crash of Star Wars Episode VII is going to be SPECTACULAR.


To put it simply, that's a great thing.


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