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Happy Friday: Be Bro-Choice with Sarah Silverman

Happy Friday: Be Bro-Choice with Sarah Silverman

This week has been a huge news week for women’s reproductive rights. From the very good– Wendy Davis standing up and being a hero for women everywhere. To the very bad–Rick Perry attacking Davis for being a teen mother to Ohio passing a new state budget with INSANE abortion restrictions. 

It’s times like these where we need everyone to rally together to speak out and fight. So here’s a Funny Or Die video from funny lady Sarah Silverman talking to the bros–both those creating legislation and those napping on the couch–on how they can stand up for women. 

Be bro-choice!

Be Bro-Choice: A Public Service Announcement from Sarah Silverman from Sarah Silverman

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I don't get this…Wendy mentioned stopping "government intrusion" on CNN but did she take a stand against the Unaffordable Health Care Tax(es)? That monster bill is the greatest intrusion on our privacy and choices (not counting the NSA scandal)…

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