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Here’s a Look at Mariah Carey in Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler’

Here's a Look at Mariah Carey in Lee Daniels' 'The Butler'

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  

Here’s an image of Mariah Carey in Lee Daniel’s upcoming drama The Butler, a film which will most likely have a polarizing effect with audiences. 

Carey plays a brief role as young Cecil Gaines’ mother, who, along with Gaines’ father, is a sharecropper. 

She’s in the opening scene only – which is quite dramatic by the way – and depending on who you ask, that might be a good thing. 

The Butler opens in theaters later this year, on August 16.


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This film looks like a disaster but not because Mariah is working outside. We really have to teach the youngins because some don't understand the dynamics of race and economics. Massa bores children with slaves. Massa gets more money/assets, workers if he puts his own children to work. Now some poor masters may not have had the biggest house. Would that stop him from claiming his children as property and putting them in the field? That's not to say that the rich masters wouldn't do the same. Life was no better for light-skinned blacks after slavery unless you could and would successfully pass (for white) AND found a way out of poverty. The term 'white' was (and is) a power tool to make poor whites feel like they're included. As a poor white, you either worked off debts, worked a small piece of land (if you had land) or became an overseer (officer)/patty roller (patroller/patrol officer). They would help to keep the slaves in check.

Btw, this movie is not even about slavery.


I read somewhere that this is not even set during slavery. Some people are hilarious.


All the nonsense about who worked as a sharecropper overlooks the point that she looks in the moment…period. Pathetic colorism continues to drive this site.


There were still some black folks picking cotton for folks in the 1950s, probably even the '60s before collection was fully mechanized. Know your history.


Hollywood ignores the truth to paint a picture of pigment superiority. Field slaves were a rainbow of colors just as the houseslaves were. Even massa's children picked cotton.


There's no point in even debating this. Someone please throw the book "Jubilee" up in the mix. Yes the mixed race 'children of the plantation' did have to work in the fields. What a sad commentary on our people's knowledge of our history.

Blah, Blah

Never mind her look, I have no interest in hearing Mimi do a "sharecroppers" accent. NO way!


Perhaps those of you who are perturbed by Mariah working as a share cropper would be more accepting if 'master tarrentino' was behind this decision?lol Seriously, some of the comments here are worrying!


Wow, there are some dumb-ass "educated" black people out here, my goodness. And y'all wanna be filmmakers? "She too light/pretty to be in the fields" WTF??? #godhelpusall


Her brows look like she just stepped out the beauty parlor… ah, so a sharecropper with a sense of fashion, then?


Two thoughts: 1- This film is set to premiere on my dear Mother's natal day. They better get it right. 2 – Why does this still with Mariah Carey make me think of the term 'playacting'?

Adam Scott Thompson

She kinda looks like Paul Giamatti in that photo. Just sayin'…


WHAT!!! Who said Mariah Carey doesn't resemble a slave and could only be found in the big house? Listen, if you're standing near a person who said that, RUN! That fool has been brainwashed beyond repair.

A slave is a person held in servitude as the chattel of another. He or she was completely subservient to a dominating influence. During the slavery era in the United States there were millions of slave. Consequently there were thousands of slave-masters. Many were poor crackers barely scratching out a living, and thus, in many instances there was no BIG HOUSE. In fact, many slaves were passed down through generations of white slave owners. Over the years many were sold "as chattel" because the new master had no other means to feed his family. It made no difference whether or not a slave was blue black or damn near white, they served their master by any means he deemed necessary.

The makeup (physical features) of the slave evolved over several centuries. But of special note, whenever the white man's blood entered the mix, we all know the coffee will never be black again. So Mariah Carey could have been a slave working in the pig barn, the tobacco field, the cotton field, the horse barn, the big house or the shit house. To believe otherwise is to believe Henny Penny who said the sky was falling down. But wait… now the rest of the story…

Some folks believed Henny Perry, so they all decided to tell the King of their discovery. Well, long story short, they met Foxy Loxy who lured them to her den where she pulled off their heads and eat'em up. So get away from that fool who said Mariah Carey could never be a slave who worked in the fields.

Vanessa Martinez

Clarification – she was an SHARECROPPER in the 1920's not a "field hand," which was the term used mostly during slavery. She is not a "slave" in this film.

By the way, I read the script, hence my comment about the opening scene.

Carry on.


Not against history but she is far too attractive. If she did turn her master down sexually he would probably kill her and not put her in the field. This doesn't add anything. Won't make anyone pay more attention to the storyline. Gay black dramatic version of none substantive ass Michael Bay. A twist-less M. Night.


It is completely believable that Mariah Carey would be working in the fields, even during slavery. It is a misconception that all light skin negroes were house servants. And by the way this movie does not take place during the time of slavery.


Thank you Juju. Looks like white people aren't the only ones that don't know our history.


Okay, surprisingly, I liked Mariah in Precious. I thought she was totally believable in that role and that she had come a LONG way from Glitter. But, for real, Mariah as a field hand. ROFL. For realz? You don't need to be a history or slavery scholar to know that that's just stupid and totally contrary to history. Lee Daniels is a plum mess for agreeing to this casting. Smh.


Fiction I see. In he real world, Mariah would be in the big house, possibly passing as a white woman, or Massa's number one bed wench. Any who, I doubt I will watch this movie… not because I don't believe it won't be good, but just like "The Help", I'm not really into Black folks catering to White folks, mixed in with racism type of movies.


I'm no slavery era scholar, but were field hands and share croppers ever this light-skinned, so much that they can pass for white? I mean, in reality a woman of Venezuelan and Irish descent would probably be a in the house.


Really? I'm mad I looked at this this photo. Mariah Carey as a field hand?! lol I'm sorry, I just can't see it. I just can't.


This film will be a disaster.

Mark and Darla

Don't know what her character about but she look like a mother with many mouths to feed and no husband.


I've only seen her in Precious, which both she and the film were better than I expected.


So, Vanessa, you've seen a pre-screening of this?

Well, thank God her role is limited. In recent years, its been hard for me to take Mariah seriously — as an actor, singer or otherwise. Even though I've never watched AI, just hearing about the drama between her and Crazy Minaj, in the blogosphere makes one want to heave.

She should stick to singing, because no one is interested in her acting. She's spread herself too thin, in recent years, and become too much of a DIVA — in the worst sense — which is a complete turn off to audiences.

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