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L.A. Rebellion Chicago Screening Of ‘As Above, So Below’ w/ Filmmaker Larry Clark, Thursday 6/6

L.A. Rebellion Chicago Screening Of 'As Above, So Below’ w/ Filmmaker Larry Clark, Thursday 6/6

The 11th in the ongoing series of the Chicago screenings
of the L.A. Rebellion touring film
series, will continue on Thursday June 6
with a screening of a newly restored print of filmmaker Larry Clark’s  1973 feature
film, As Above, So Below.

Recently rediscovered and considered by many to be one of
the most “politically radical films of the L.A. Rebellion movement” Clark’s film spans several generations
and decades as it chronicles the political consciousness awakening of young man
from his childhood in Chicago during the mid-1940’s though his stint in the
Marines to adulthood as a politicized radical.

The film has been compared to Ivan Dixons’ film version of Sam
incendiary novel The Spook
Who Sat by the Door

And the filmmaker himself, Larry Clark, will be present
for the screening and as well as for the Chicago L.A. rebellion screening (the final
one for the series) of his feature film Passing
on June 7 (More details about
that screening to come soon)

And along with As Above, So Below, there will be a
screening of Don Amis’ 1974 short
film Ujamii Uhuru Schule (Swahili for
Community Freedom School) which details
a day-in-the-life portrait of an Afrocentric primary learning academy located in
South Los Angeles that focuses “on the virtues of the three Rs — Respect,
Righteousness and Revolution”. 
The Good Old Days as I like to call it)

The screening starts at 7PM and will take place at the Block
on the campus of Northwestern
located at 40 Arts Circle
in Evanston IL.

professor and curator of the L.A. Rebellion film series, Jacqueline Stewart, will introduce the films and conduct a Q and A with Clark afterward.

Attendance is FREE,
but tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, so get
there as early as you can.

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Sergio, being of the mindset that its only right to give praise when praise is due ( cuz that's what men should do) I have to tip my hat in your direction.

In your post "You Don't Have A Problem With This Cheerios Commercial Do You?"… some "complained" but I said the following:

"Granted, he [Sergio] race-baits (sometimes). He gossips (sometimes). And, he has been known to be the court jester (sometimes he's not funny *smile*). However, none of the above defines his total presence at S&A. As with the audience of any circus, Ringling Bros, UniverSoul Circus and Shadow and Act, just to name a few, each audience member focuses on that which stirs their favorite emotions. Some can't wait to see the clowns and the midgets doing battle. Some are thrilled by the breath taking feats of the high-wire acts. Yet, others laugh out loud at the sight of poo-poo leaving an elephant's nasty behind. But in this neighborhood of a circus, Sergio does it all, and I, personally… ain't mad at him."

In line with that ( you bringing us a variety of thought provoking information on the Cinema of The African Dispora) with this post you've again ushered in the good stuff.

Along with your pointed commentary, movie flashes from the past and unwavering courage, you've continued to bring a "spark" and a breath of fresh air to this community. I can safely say without your presence, this blog would not be nearly as entertaining, thought provoking nor inspiring.

Having said that, it behooves me to say, behind every great man, there stands another person of great talent. Tambay is arguably the hardest working man in this business. To maintain a blog of this magnitude is beyond my comprehension. Listen, if one looks at the other blogs under the IndieWire banner, they'd see Tambay's content kills their combined output. So Tambay is the man and you and the rest of the crew are a force that I love listening to.

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