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LeSean Thomas’ ‘Seoul Sessions’ (Tales of a Black Animator in South Korea)

LeSean Thomas' 'Seoul Sessions' (Tales of a Black Animator in South Korea)

Here’s one of the more interesting web series out at the moment. 

LeSean Thomas is an animation director, producer and illustrator known for his work on animated series like The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, and Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra

The story goes that early on in his career, Thomas learned that roughly 85% of animated television shows designed in America are actually animated in South Korea. Seeking to be fully involved in animation production, he moved to Seoul to live and work and documented the process in Seoul Sessions. Each episode chronicles his cultural experiences as a South Bronx native in South Korea and also gives an inside look at the process of putting some of your favorite animated shows on TV. 

New episodes are surfacing every few months. Find the first four below:

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Radha Blank

I was fortunate to co-write with Lesean on his Hip Hop Anime web series Battleseed.
He is such an amazing talent and one of the NICEST people you can ever meet. So
happy for all of his success. He's becoming a real inspiration to these young brown
animation cats coming up. Now he's back at Cartoon Network. Big TINGS!!!

Go Lesean.


Yeah, LeSean is the man. He just had a birthday recently.

In the circles I run in, he is a huge inspiration to scores of people. I've been following him and his career for a long time, and he is becoming more humble and transparent with time. Very inspiring.




Truly one who has raised the bar no doubt!


Truly one who has raised the bar no doubt!


Thanks for this…


Cool and I enjoy LeSean's work thanks for the post.

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