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Michael Bay May Go On A ‘Ghost Recon’ For His Next Directorial Effort

Michael Bay May Go On A 'Ghost Recon' For His Next Directorial Effort

So, Michael Bay tried to make a small scale movie, delivering the roided out “Pain & Gain” this spring, which did $49 million domestically, hardly the numbers you want with a movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson. With hundreds of millions already pretty much guaranteed for “Robot Hot Wheels: The Movie” aka “Transformers 4,” it seems Bay is in no hurry to try something intimate (as much as that’s possible) again. So how about another potential franchise?

Variety reports that Bay is developing Ubisoft‘s videogame series “Ghost Recon” with an eye to direct. Just like the Tom Hardy starring “Splinter Cell,” this is a Tom Clancy-branded property, also centering on a military ops unit, though in the hands of Bay he will probably find a way to work in a Victoria’s Secret model somehow. But really, it’s just a bunch of dudes with cool weapons running around and going on missions — so a simple premise that Bay that can pump up full of his own unique brand of moviemaking.

We’ll see if comes to pass, but scripts need to be written and stars need to be found, with casting aiming to start in July (so yeah, the script is going to be secondary here). In short, we’ll see how this goes. Until then, Bay is making robots high five each other with “Transformers 4,” which drops on June 27, 2014. 

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Almost 50 million on a 20 something million budget isn't that bad. But it will definitely do numbers when it comes out on dvd/blu ray.

If ghost recon is in the same vain of the rock, then im all for it. The man knows how to shoot military scenes.


pain and gain is R-rated & $26mil flick among biggest summer blockbusters. I think $49mil is not bad score at all.

and whinings of haters are always funny :)


Honestly, making a video-game movie is the next logical step in Bay's pathetic career.


dear god, please let it bomb, badly.


Imagine having no imagination at all.

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