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Morgan Freeman Was Offered Role As God In ‘This Is The End’ But He Passed

Morgan Freeman Was Offered Role As God In 'This Is The End' But He Passed

Word on the street is that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote a part specifically for Morgan Freeman in their star-studded end-of-the-world meta-comedy This is the End, but Freeman passed.

What was the role they wrote specifically for Freeman?

Here’s what Rogen said according to Yahoo Movies UK:

“Morgan Freeman said ‘no’. We wanted him to play God. Apparently he takes his character as God very seriously.”

Co-director Goldberg added:

“The joke was, he would appear as god, and Jay (Baruchel) would say: ‘so when we were in ‘Million Dollar Baby’, you were god?!’ and then god shows up and says ‘it’s just a joke him and Morgan Freeman have been playing on people. He should have said yes!”

Rogen added: 

“I think it’s the biggest mistake Morgan Freeman ever made!”


Maybe Freeman just didn’t think the joke was funny. Or maybe he’s over the God references with regards to his multi-decade, multi-role career.

This is the End sees Rogen, Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride play versions of themselves, who take refuge in James Franco’s house during an apocalypse.

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This movie was great, it's core audience got a slew of referenced material, and the content was fresh and funny for those not in the cliche. Morgan Freeman would have done well to be in this movie, much better than served in Red. It was worth the price of the ticket as well as having bought the blu-ray later. Much better than other crap people paid to see for the year.


This movie is horrible. I'm glad Morgan passed on it. I saw a free screening. No way would I pay for this crap.


Morgan Freeman didn't take the role because Morgan isn't a fool. He was easy reader for god's sake. He knows that in all his parts he has played the voice of reason and the overpowering presence in the movies. He knows the impression that has on people even subconsciously. What should have been asked next is who plays the real GOD, who say's he and Morgan play this trick on people. I GUARANTEE YOU he didn't play that part cause he knew it would be some white man playing the "real" GOD! Morgan is no FOOL.

Shelly shel

That is whole joke that he plays god in all these movies and I turns out he is actually god in real life…..that would of been funny as hell.


Trust me from a person who knows God personally, "God can take a joke, but He Himself is not one!" It would do most people well to remember that. In the same light many people take God more seriously than He takes Himself, mainly ignorant preachers who misinterpret the Bible. If people would listen to Him they would hear him say, "I've already taken care of that, trust Me, its not that serious."

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