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‘Now You See Me’ Star Jesse Eisenberg vs. Romina Puga: “You are the Carrot Top of interviewers” (VIDEO)

'Now You See Me' Star Jesse Eisenberg vs. Romina Puga: "You are the Carrot Top of interviewers" (VIDEO)

Now You See Me’ star Jesse Eisenberg joins the long list of actors who snap under the tedium of back-to-back junket interviews. For whatever reason (it worked for Mila Kunis?), he decides to give his interlocutor Romina Puga a hard time; the conversation is edited, so we don’t know what’s left out.

“You are the Carrot Top of interviewers,” he tells her.

This gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had in a while. When I interviewed Eisenberg on video at Musso & Franks for “A Social Network,” he was perfectly charming.

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Jesse wasn't being a jerk at all. In fact he was playing along and humoring her with the card trick, etc. And he didn't even really ream her out for calling Morgan Freeman "Freeman", which was absolutely disrespectful. Who does that? She started getting sulky because when she tried flirting with him, he refused to play along. That's when she started to behave even more childishly. Insulting Carrot Top, hinting that she wants the interview to be over (I like the fact that he pointed out that she was on his time, not her own), threatening to cry, and forcing him to play up to her ridiculous schtick. I laughed when he said, "If we broke up I wouldn't say your name". Jesse is just too quick-witted for her to keep up with. Apparently she batted her lashes into ABC. There is no other explanation for this incredibly unprofessional interview.


He comes across as really full of himself. He could have been playful without being disrespectful. He seems like a real prick.


I think he has her number.


Aside from being extremely easy on the eyes she has no business being in front of the camera. Mr. Eisenberg has impressed me as an actor who has never been comfortable doing the "press thing" anyway –like Robert DeNiro. He is a really fine actor.
I admire the performers for enduring these kind of interviews, because most of them are conducted by or aimed at people who think Glenn Beck makes sense.


Maybe she was asking for it. look at her wantonly flaunting her need for him to say his name….and thing…

These interviewers should really cover up… you Anne ;)

Chef Ace

Pretty girls always fall for guys who treat them like garbage. They're probably got married afterwards.


Kevin's right — this was clearly scripted to be funny in the way that Eisenberg's usually funny, the editing is a dead giveaway (it has comic beats and everything . . . )


Thanks, Ms. Thompson, for shedding light on this issue. I have done interviews myself in my previous work, and never have I (even in the most desperate times) written on my hand — that is so grade school! The interviewer should be fired for being ill prepared and unprofessional, and gosh, who are you to ask someone say your name? That is so amateur! Jesse had to make the most out of a bad situation which was to inject humor — and too bad the interviewer wasn't cool about it. And to think, she was the first one to be rude with her fat finger comment


This bitch needs to act professionally. She obviously didn't do a very good job at interviewing. Her sheer arrogance disgusts me. Who the hell does she think she is?!


hey look, another talentless looker hired for the wrong reasons. good job, whomever hired that dumbo. props to jesse for saying what needed to be said.


Remember this lil ditty?

Why is she is bringing it back up? the media outlets are making a mountain out of a molehill.

You call him a 'dick', 'jerk', or 'rude' over one amateur interview? I have seen almost every interview he's taken part in and he's nothing but nice in almost every single one of them. She screwed up by referring to Morgan Freeman as 'Freeman' so casually. She needs to check her ego at the door and take a refresher course in interviewing.

Then she tries to make even more trouble for him by writing another short article. She has some vendetta against the man because the 'edited' version (yes, HER edits) shows we missed a lot more to interview. I'd like to see the FULL version! Grow up, Romina!

Kevin Seo

Hahaha that was hilarious. Pretty sure it's a joke given the editing and whatnot. I also met him in real life and he's really cool. Unless she was super annoying before the interview.

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