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Other Canceled TV Shows Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Can *Save* (My Recommendations + Yours)

Other Canceled TV Shows Oprah Winfrey's OWN Can *Save* (My Recommendations + Yours)

On the heels of yesterday’s somewhat surprising news that Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network would *save* the once-dead popular TV soap opera series, All My Children and One Life To Live (in an exclusive 40-episode/10-week limited engagement this summer) after previously being adamant about not being interested in them, saying that they weren’t an option for the OWN Network, I thought we’d have some fun and open up the floor for your suggestions on what canceled shows you would love for OWN to *save* as well.

Not that anything we say hear will prompt any action by Oprah and her OWN execs, but humor me…

I’ll start with 2 that immediately came to mind.

1 – Southland. Yes, Southland. It may not immediately seem like a good fit for OWN, given the network’s target demo. The cop drama just might be a bit too gritty, raw and real for OWN’s core audience; although maybe I’m being presumptuous, and OWN’s audience will embrace the show. But if Oprah is looking to beef up her network’s critical perception, and even be a contender during Emmy Awards season, this could be a move worth considering. In addition, she might also benefit from an audience boost, given that the series’ very loyal fans (and they are very loyal) – an audience that likely aren’t OWN regulars, all 1.7 million of them on average – would likely switch over to OWN when Southland airs. Some of them anyway. As icing on the cake, throw in Regina King’s strong presence on the show – a part for which she’s received lots of acclaim. It’ll be a nice change of pace/counter-programming for OWN’s lineup.

2. Deception. The Meagan Good freshman drama series that NBC canceled earlier this year, due to lagging ratings. Lagging ratings for NBC, a broadcast TV network; but I’m sure OWN (a cabler) would love some of those 3+ million (on average) viewers each week, that it drew for NBC. And like Southland, Deception fans also appear to be quite rabid, given the comments posted on this site when we first announced that the series might be canceled (comments that continue to come, even though it’s been canceled, asking NBC to bring the series back). But unlike Southland, I actually think Deception would be a very good fit for OWN, given the reception to Tyler Perry’s new series for the network, The Haves And The Have Nots. If you think about it, both shows aren’t all-that different. They both deal with issues of class; both are primetime soap operas essentially; and their casts are mostly mixed. If I had to rate them, I’d say that the more-salacious Deception is a better soap than Tyler Perry’s melodrama, and I think OWN’s audience would probably love it even more! Plus, the main protagonist is a black woman.

So, those are my 2 recommendations to start. 

What are yours, along with reasons for why you think OWN should *save* them?

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playboy, eddie cibrian is gorgeous and cast was good, nbc never gave it a chance

Regina Adami

Hey Oprah, there are 2.5 million fans looking for a new home for The Borgias which Showtime just recently, and RUDELY cancelled! Check out our website and fandom @ and look for us on Facebook too! We are growing in numbers daily! We have a petition with over 15,000 signatures already in less than two months! I love the true crime shows on OWN.. quality programming.. and so is The Borgias!!! History fascinates many of us and this series is by far the most intriguing I've watched on any channel. The cast is phenomenal, the make up, the costumes, sets.. are all exquisite. What is so rare is the chemistry shared as each character is brought to life. Try it Oprah! Give us a home! #savetheborgias and … we will never give up!


I'm nostalgic for 227, Living Single, and A Different World.


Deception and Girlfriends


The Show-circa 1996 about a white writer who joins the staff of a black television series-creator-John Bowman
Bird Of the Iron Feather- 1970's short lived "SOUL DRAMA"-thanks Sergio;-)
Affion Crockett Comedy sketches


Oprah is not saving One Life to Live or All My Children. OWN has repeat rights to shows that Hulu streamed first. Both shows were revived on Hulu in May. This is just a secondary broadcast deal.


The Wire, Treme and Hawthorne


Joy listed my pick, "Girlfriends".

"Living Single" would be a welcome return, also.

I just question whether OWN has the budget to resurrect these shows.

Steve Warren

Oprah could resurrect Paula Deen's career as a gesture of healing and forgiveness. We've all said things we're not proud of at some time in our lives and there should be a statute of limitations if someone has had a sincere change of heart. I'm sure the Oprahmeter could determine if Deen is sincere.


Deception was boring and a waste of talent. Meagan probably isn't looking back. The only cancellation that I'd like someone to sort of save is "Guys With Kids." Give Marnie (Tempestt Bledsoe) and Gary (Anthony Anderson) their own spinoff. They were hilarious.

Mekisha Hale

In the opinion I think the thoughts on what if OWN thought of an idea besides knowing about the "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" to run in a limited time on the OWN network. Those two terrific shows which didn't deserve to be cancelled should be after thought. "TNT's "SOUTHLAND" still is probably the best show on television specially dealing with the law system. And an complex character study,with some interesting topical topics of the day. And that,it's star actress Regina King was outstanding on the show. Then there's NBC's Deception with starred actress Megan Good dealing with undercover agent who is put into position to solved a case. But dealing with the rich in there clover of their disguises behind the troubled display of a once again a complexes of the characters who weren't what they seem to be and then there was another layer and another layer of a surprised show that some how by the chance there wasn't any patients by NBC to give it a reason to be saved which was unfortunately wasn't enough to stay on NBC which is shame. Now with the recent added soap operas on OWN network specially with Tyler Perry's 'The Haves And The Have Not's making it a fan base even more popular then expected an surprise hit. It does make sense. But for the comment about Tyler Perry's show The Haves And the Have Not's not being as good as Deception. Now that's just simply crazy to make such a defiant comment that is simply unnecessary to make that critical eye on something that is working just fine without the comments that aren't needed. The opinion is this way,you can have both and they probably would be successful but to put one against the other is simply stupid. Dealing with reality is what some of the show that "The Haves And Have Not's" isn't simply hard to believe could be a snap shot of the realities between the working class and the well to do and how those worlds clash in such a way that there are so many stories that come from each background that the show takes on to a totally different and once again complex view of the this world that seems normal on inside and outside but isn't quite simply. The same can be said about the working class there stories which aren't sometimes isn't displayed enough but should have stories too. Just because it's not classy and removed from reality then it's not worthy is totally crap. The compromise is that bringing the bridge once more closer than apart. Oprah Winfrey is just beginning to see the success in the idea to start off with and work from there. But in a perfect sense Oprah Winfrey could make so many different types of projects that could bring a lot together then bridge a further apart. Your opinion is well received and does make some points,but to just simply say the other doesn't fit or it's not what needs or isn't worthy is a shame.


yes to hawthorne and deception. and why not throw girlfriends in the mix? and a different world. don't know where they stand on the reunion episode but i'd watch it as a full season series.


GOOD TIMES. Although James and Florida are gone, I want to know what happens with Thelma + Keith. And does Michael ever come out the closet? And did JJ ever become a big-time artist? Does Penny end up killing her biological mother played by Chip Fields? Does Willona finally find the right man? I need answers.


I am still mourning the loss of Hawthorne. Please someone find the last few episodes of this show or bring it back.


Frank's Place – the 90s dramedy from Tim Reid.


Reruns of FRANK'S PLACE.


If Charles S. Dutton was up to a reincarnation, I'd LOVE to see "Roc" again.

Lola AM

Good choices as I watched both. However, if I had to choose, I'd go for Southland. It's a great show.

scott kemp

They are not smart enough to bring back AMC or oltl that’s why they are losing money good shows that would draw fans to her network and they would watch other shows also on the own network but just keep losing $330 million at that rate her network is going down the tubes

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