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OWN Doubles Its Episode Order For Tyler Perry’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ (Well…)

OWN Doubles Its Episode Order For Tyler Perry's 'The Haves and the Have Nots' (Well...)

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network announced today via press release that it has ordered an additional 16 episodes of the its freshman drama series from Tyler Perry, The Haves and the Have Nots, bringing the total season order to 32 episodes.

Sorry guys. It looks like the show’s a hit!

The show’s current cycle will air through September 3, with the new episodes premiering in early 2014.

Its May 28 premiere was the highest rated series premiere in OWN history (then again, OWN is still very young, and hasn’t exactly had many original series of its own to compare this one to). 

Since its launch, the series has averaged over 1.5 million total viewers. 

In addition, The Haves and the Have Nots is the #1 television show on Tuesday nights (non-sports) for all African American women. You see – blame it on the ladies. It’s their fault. I’m joking!!!!

I can say that none of the African American women I know are watching the series – unless they’re doing so incogNegro.

Naturally, it is wonderful to have the network’s first scripted series score so resoundingly… Tyler’s fans and OWN viewers have responded to this guilty pleasure in record numbers, and we are happy to give them more of a good thing,” said Sheri Salata, president, OWN.

I guess that’s just it – a “guilty pleasure” for those who are fans. 

I remember Shonda Rhimes saying that, while she didn’t care why fans of Scandal watched the show, she was vehemently opposed to it being called a “guilty pleasure.” Just something I remembered…

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LOL @ Della. HAHN is horrible. It has gotten increasingly so over the last few seasons. And I stopped watching Empire after the 3rd episode.


I wish that I could see Have &Have Nots on Netflix . It could pass Empire by millions of viewers


Guilty pleasure and I watch it every week … this is definitely a soap, and if you like soaps, you'll probably enjoy this show. With the exception of episode 3 (I think) it's gotten better every week.


"I remember Shonda Rhimes saying that, while she didn't care why fans of Scandal watched the show, she was vehemently opposed to it being called a "guilty pleasure".

You're GUILTY Shanda… and you know it. Well, at least Sheri Salata knows you can fool some black folks some of the time, but we all know the smell of dookie, even if it's wrapped in a pretty bow.

But listen folks, Tambay said he doesn't know any African American women who's watching the series – unless they're doing so incogNegro. Well, my lady is TheNegro, lets just call her overt Gert. Gertrude has The Haves and The Whatnots on record. That's right, she watches that mess religiously (any time she wants to)… and then she wants to to me about it. I stop her dead in her tracks. I say, "look here woman, I don't wanna hear nothing about the black maid smokin' a blunt with the rich white women, okay". Damn, I managed to somehow talk her out of watching Scandal (that's my mother and sisters show) but The Haves Not got a hold on my woman.

Dankwa Brooks

I watched the first two episodes and it was a good start to a soap. TIKA SUMPTER kills it and the head of the "Have Nots" (the black maid) is really good. Tyler even had a scene in the pilot where she takes off her "work wig" (the one you see in the commercials) and rocks her natural at home. Where do you see that on TV? I probably won't watch anymore episodes, but I thought it was a good start and let a guy have his day. I've seen my share of soaps back in the day and this show is no better or worse than any other.


Anybody who thought Tyler Perry two new tv sitcoms would not do good on OWN are crazy. This is all TP fans have been talking about. Just look at the twitter reaction after tonight's episode.


So proud of OWN. They have made a huge improvement since last year.


Confused as to why it's considered a "hit" when clearly it's being pummeled in the ratings game. Hell, even some boring-ass programs on the History Channel rate higher than this show. I don't know, maybe the bar is so damn LOW at the OWN Network. *shrug*


Queen Oprah and King Tyler does it yet again.


Oprah's favorite director: Tyler Perry. Nuff said.


I don't watch it. Never plan to. When it comes to OWN, I'll just stick with "Iyanla, Fix My Life," and whoever is interesting to me on "Super Soul Sunday, "Next Chapter," "Master Class," etc.


Well Tambay to answer the question you wrote below on may 29 after its debut.

So is this a "hit" for OWN and Tyler Perry? We'll find out in the next few weeks.

The answer is hell yes. Oprah network has done a 360 in the last year. Great for her and TP.


Did anybody in there right mind really think it was not going to be a hit. This show, Love The Neighbor and Hit The Floor are always the talk of twitter when they come on. Like him or not Perry is doing the thing.


Love this show. Great job Tyler Perry and Oprah. Fantastic year for both of you.

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