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Rick Moranis Was Disappointed By ‘Ghostbusters 2,’ But Leaves Door Open To Return For Part 3

Rick Moranis Was Disappointed By 'Ghostbusters 2,' But Leaves Door Open To Return For Part 3

After months of Dan Aykroyd sifting around in the empty “Ghostbusters” sandbox, promising every and any random person of an eventually awesome third installment, finally some word from another cast member has arrived. Rick Moranis, who left the acting spotlight to raise his family and start a music career, is back with a new album, and during its promotion gave a brief update on the sequel’s ever-diminishing chances of actually happening.

Moranis chatted to Empire on the occasion of his newest musical effort, My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs, and during the interview, he said he hadn’t talked yet to Aykroyd about the film, but remains open to the idea. “Somebody [Dan] is associated with called me and I said, ‘I wouldn’t not do it, but it’s got to be good,’ he explained. “You know, I’m not interested in doing anything I’ve already done, and I thought the second one was a disappointment.”

Nevertheless, Moranis still has some interest in where Louis Tully — his sheepish lawyer-turned-Ghostbuster character — will return in the threequel, which Aykroyd has revealed to involve dangerous particle physics research. “I sort of see him as being Bernie Madoff‘s cellmate in jail. Both of them being so orderly that they race to get up and make their beds.”

So the air of unease and hesitance surrounding the third film continues, and with writing credits on its script currently tagged by Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Etan Cohen, and original director Ivan Reitman (who will reportedly return to helm), that feeling seems quite justified. ith Aykroyd envisioning a version of the film without Bill Murray‘s Peter Venkman, the end result runs risk of turning into “Die Hard” – a shell of a sagiing franchise that boasts a few actors’ likenesses, with the actual characters effectively drained from them. 

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Alan B

Was 'Ghostbusters II' really that bad? I agree with Bill Murray when he suggested that 'Ghostbusters' loses something in the third act, so I never really saw 'Ghostbusters II' as that much of an inferior sequel, despite its reputation. Moranis' speech in the courtroom is just as funny as anything that occurred in the first film, as is Ramis' response.


Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Etan Cohen… That is the worst list of writers ever. I really hope this movie never happens. I would take Ghostbusters II any day over Indiana Jones IV.

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