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Settling the Myth that Women Don’t Like ‘Game of Thrones’

Settling the Myth that Women Don't Like 'Game of Thrones'

Wired’s out to settle a myth about HBO’s “Game of Thrones”: That women don’t like the show. This assumption by some reviewers has now been debunked by statistical data. Women actually make up about 42% of the show’s audience. (Although after bloody Episode 9, judging from this reaction video, they may be running for the hills.)

Wired cites a Nielsen report revealing that approximately 2 million women are watching the fantasy show each week. While this still puts female viewership in the slight minority for “Game of Thrones,” social-media tracking from Fizzology indicates that half of the online conversations on the series are coming from women.

This comes as an answer to both the withering New York Times review of the show upon its release, which called it “boy fiction,” and a sexist article on Thrillist suggesting that a reason women supposedly don’t like the show is that it’s “hard to follow.”

Wired points out that AMC’s “Breaking Bad” actually has much lower female viewership — sitting at 36% — but that show doesn’t receive the same “not for girls” vitriol as “Game of Thrones.” This is presumably linked to the ingrained stereotype that women won’t find much of interest in the fantasy genre.

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I am a 34 year old black American and I watch the show


I love GOT so many great characters!!! Ill admit Sean Bean and the fantasy element pulled me into first watching it (huge LOTR fan so any new fantasy show im checking out.)I'm a young woman and I also LOVE the Walking Dead which is one of the best shows in my opinion. But I also love Mad Men and Doctor Who so I like variety but there are so many great shows and I don't want to miss any of them!


I LOVE the fantasy genre! I'm a 33 yr old mother of two & I can't get enough of GOT as well as other shows of similar genre; sci fi, fantasy, horror, historical drama,etc……I watch the sci fy channel,hbo,starz, etc more than abc,cbs,nbc because I can not stand the flux of reality shows & talent shows that are taking over regular tv.I am constantly disappointed by these channels because every time they get a good show started it lasts one season then gets cancelled to be replaced by yet another of the same crappy reality show. Seriously, how many talent shows can you keep coming up with!? Same show with a different name. It's driving me nuts!!! I have always loved shows & books to GOT, Spartacus, Camelot, True Blood……. Going back to the 90´s with Hercules & Xena. This world needs more non reality tv shows because I most certainly don't want my kids looking up to the obnoxious people on shows like Jersey shore & other shows like it.I am tired of hearing about what snookie $ the kardashians are doing. who cares! Give me more shows like grimm,got,etc…I am tired of finding a show on normal tv, like terra nova, getting into it just to have it get cancelled because movie stars & singers want to get more face time on tv, while allowing every idiot in the us to make an ass out of themselves on tv just to get their 15 minutes of fame.I do not let my kids watch these shows any more. Especially after seeing go go dancers on America's got talent! in what world is that considered appropriate for my 11 year old to see? I will continue to voice my opinions as much as possible until the networks start to pull this reality crap & replace it with REAL tv shows, ones that have fictional plots and stories. Long live fantasy!!!!


I have actually spread my love of this show to guys that I work with. For this season's premier, I was conflicted about what to watch that night, as the Walking Dead's season finale was on at the same time. When I expressed this concern to my supervisor at work (a guy), he said, "Walking Dead. No contest." I then remarked, "You've never seen Game of Thrones, have you? If you had, you'd understand my dilemma." He is now absolutely hooked and went through the firsr teo seasons in about a week and a half. My father and I ended up watching WD first, then GOT. I constantly remark that I want to be Daenerys when I grow up, even though I'm 28 and she is supposed to be 14 (though thankfully, for the show, they aged her a little.)
The show is placed in a sexist world, but if George R.R. Martin has shown anything with Danenerys, Ariaa, Cersei, Brienne, The Red Woman and so many others, it's that women can fight, we can be meaner than the men and we can stand our ground.


I'm a 50 yr old woman that sits on pins and needles WAITING for the next season to start. As for the Red Wedding, I'm with Fiona, it SHOULD have been bloodier based on the actions of the event itself. Though I LOVED Cat and Robb needed a "noogie" from time to time, I couldn't help being depressed when I realized what was happening. To know that next week will likely be more of the same type of cliff hanger until next season only pushes me to read the nex 4 books with haste. I'm just glad R.R. Martin I working on books 6 & 7 right now. HBO had already promised that if he continues to write, they'll continue to film. So here I sit with baited breath for the next 4 installments!


Game of Thrones ROCK!!!!!!!!


I love the Game of Thrones!!! Like Ms. Fiona, I absolutely adored Spartacus as well, especially the handsome male characters. Outside of all that though, with reality tv shows on every network, taking over today's television, just what exactly am I supposed to watch?!


Probably know more women that watch GOT than the number of my male friends.


Last I looked I was a woman also. Considering the strength of the female characters I'm surprised by this assumption. Though I am a fan of fantasy! Personally I thought the red wedding should have been bloodier!

I f***ing loved Spartacus as well… strange that, I guess


I love the books and the show. I am a 37! Year old English teacher what am I going to watch junk like Greys anatomy. ??

Bronwyn Noble

last time I looked, I was a woman. Game of Thrones and its antecedent, George R.R. Martin's series, A Song of Ice & Fire, are both in their appropriate top ten. I knew what was coming in Episode 9 and chose not to watch _that_ sequence. Except for the three worst Lannisters, the characters are richly drawn and capable, like all people of both good and evil. I can hardly wait for next season as well as Martin's next book!

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