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‘Star Wars’ Rumor Roundup Plus A Vintage 1977 Burger Chef Promo TV Ad

'Star Wars' Rumor Roundup Plus A Vintage 1977 Burger Chef Promo TV Ad

A couple “Star Wars” rumors have been floating through the interwebs over the last week, ranging from the absurd to the plausible so let’s dive right in….

When something is reported by The Sun, you can probably count on it being bullshit, but nonetheless, the UK rag says that Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine) “is being lined up for a leading role” in the movie. According to their “source,” who is probably an intern in the copy department, they say “We think Florence has the exact style we are looking for….Florence is being considered for a major part that would turn her into an A-list actress overnight.” The tabloid also says Michael Jackson‘s kids want to audition too. Okay.

More believably, somewhat, the site Schmoes Know (yeah, us either) claim to have gotten their hands on the casting breakdown for the kid leads of “Star Wars: Episode 7.” As you may know, rumors have been flying pretty heavily for a while that the offspring of Leia and Han will be part of the story of the upcoming “Star Wars” movies, and this suggests they’ll be central. Here’s what the supposed character descriptions are:

Storyline: Two 17 year old twins, a girl and a boy, are trained by their uncle Luke to be the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy. Problems arise when the male twin turns to the dark side.

Jaina Solo – Female, 17 years old, lead. – Jacen’s twin sister, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy, trained by her uncle Luke Skywalker

Jacen Solo – Male, 17 years old, lead – Jaina’s twin brother, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the world. A loner who is constantly struggling with the idea of what’s right and what’s wrong. Starts to turn to the dark side. Full of conviction that what he is doing is the “right thing”. Will eventually become Darth Caedus.

It’s intriguing, and with Luke training up the new Jedis, it makes us wonder about that Jedi Academy rumor that floated last fall (and was squashed at time time). However, as Collider notes, they’ve heard the same rumor about Han Solo’s son being the lead, however they point out that a casting sheet would never put something like “will eventually become Darth Caedus” in a description, and also, this seems based on the book “Legacy of the Force” — as far as we know, Michael Arndt is writing an original script.

So we’ll leave you to speculate away, but remember, there was once a more innocent time…when large colas cost 49 cents at Burger Chef, and you cold walk away with a “Star Wars” movie poster along with that. Check out this pretty nostalgic, 1977 vintage ad courtesy of Space 1970.

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Dig Violet Beauregarde working the counter


Oh come on, it's nonsense.

One is 'one of the greatest Jedi’s in the world'. The other is 'one of the greatest Jedi's in the galaxy.' The studio would at least have got that consistent.

And also known there isn't an apostrophe in Jedis plural.



Am I the only one who doesn't want to see another jedi vs. sith -story? I'd like to see empire loyalists fighting our heroes. Some of the heroes could be jedi, but the filmmakers don't have to make every new film revolve around lightsaber duels. That stuff got old fast. Also: we've already seen two trilogies where the sith try turn young jedi to the dark side. No more, please.

Empire had a lot of officers, maybe one of those dudes could be the new bad guy.


these guys are not stupid enough to retread the whole turn-to-the-dark-side bit once more. rag fan-baiting at best.


A focus on a couple of 17-year-olds causes my interest to drop dramatically, but a teen SW movie may be exactly what they want, in the blockbuster tradition of Hunger Games or Twilight.


While the original expanded universe was fun and dumb, it did just spiral into dumb not long after. I really hope they're avoiding E.U characters, but then why should I care?

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