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The Heat – Written by Katie Dippold

The Heat - Written by Katie Dippold

Yesterday, I wrote a piece that gave my argument about why you need to go and see The Heat this weekend.  What I didn’t share since I was embargoed was the fact that I really liked the movie and it made me laugh so hard, harder than I have done in a long, long time.  

I want to be very clear.  Even though this film stars women, it is a big Hollywood movie.  It is going for very broad strokes.  I congratulate Katie Dippold for her big screen debut as a screenwriter, but you can tell it has the typical problem of most Hollywood movies — too many cooks in the kitchen.  It’s a bit all over the place and the story is not perfect but that didn’t bother me because that is what I expect from studio films.  And I still enjoyed myself.  

At least the filmmakers were able to fight back against some of the awful stuff the studio was pushing for.  A story from The Wrap yesterday talked about how the studio really wanted a boyfriend for Sandra Bullock’s character.  Here’s a quote from Jenno Topping (a woman) who runs Chernin Entertainment which produced the film talking about all the push back they got about having two female characters in a movie and not having any male leads: 

We had all the naysayers saying you’re going to cancel out your audience, because men aren’t going to want to see a movie about two women being cops and women won’t want to see women playing cops and not wearing pink fluffy dresses.

I’m sorry but do people really think that women don’t want to see women playing cops (which we watch on TV all the time) and seeing women not wear pink fluffy dresses?  What!!!!  

But I digress.  
The film is no Bridesmaids and if you are expecting Bridesmaids 2 because it has Melissa McCarthy in it and is directed by Paul Feig, you will be disappointed.  This film confirmed what we all already know, which is that Melissa McCarthy is a big fucking movie star.  The fact that she is not skinny is icing on the cake.  She has earned it.  She just shines on screen.  
At times the film feels like a stand up comedy routine for McCarthy.  She was in The Identity Thief earlier this year and that film was just awful.  The whole film made me anxious because the comedy played off of her appearance and size.  This film is completely different.  There are no fat jokes, and hardly any indication that she is even heavy except for the fact that she has a hilarious scene with Sandra Bullock where she discovers these things called Spanx. 

The premise is that Bullock plays an FBI agent who comes to Boston and is forced to partner with McCarthy, a local Boston cop whose brother is in trouble, to catch a drug lord.  Be prepared, it’s a cop movie so there are a lot of guns. And it’s an R rated comedy and the language is crude.  Every other word out of Melissa McCarthy’s mouth is a curse. I’m not saying the film is perfect, far from it.  But you have to take it for what it is, a big broad comedy from a studio that stars broads.  These are an endangered species.  If not for Paul Feig, who seems to be the only only in Hollywood willing to stand up and support the ladies, maybe we’d never see women in funny films released from the studios.

The film has a lot of competition this weekend.  This $43 million movie (small by Hollywood’s standards) is opening against White House Down which cost $150 million and there is also the animated Monsters University.  Hopefully people will be interested in something different this summer — a movie starring some funny women.  GO SEE THIS.

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i thought it was funny, and dont get me wrong i love melissa mcarthy, but her character in this movie i absolutely hate her i wished bad things to happen to her in the movie because i found her such a horrible person.

Jerry Dubats


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funny is putting it mildly. I was so entertained and did not stop laughing. the dialog was snappy and smart and funny and melissa was hysterical.

Sean Mannion

I am exited to see the Heat because I am excited that a movie featuring women is getting so much media attention, and to be so highly promoted. I also like that even in the previews, it shows men as being intimidated by the strong female characters. In addition, the women in this movie are law enforcement, which throughout movie history has typically been the role saved for the 'alpha male'.

Micah Hatfield

This movie was a very good example of the strength women have in society. Not only in the movie did it portray strength, by the women being the main characters and kicking ass (which is usually only male roles) but also by the two women fending for themselves and not having to rely on men to defend them. The actresses themselves showed the audiences how women have just as much right into the comedic realm and action scenes as men. Overall, this movie was great and attracted audiences of all ages and gender.


The Heat is the funniest movie I ever saw,and I HATE comedies! What a pair on screen,I hope this screenwriter extraordinaire will have a sequel for this like the Mel Gibson movies. The entire audience was laughing non stop the whole way through.Ten thumbs up!!!!

Josh Mitchell

I really like what they director chose to do with this movie and how she kept Sandra Bullocks character from having a boyfriend. Even though some said that this would take away from the male audience, I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was very funny and it showed two very different characters. I believe that this movie really showed that women can produce and star in movies and draw a big male audience.


I really enjoyed the fact that the "male gaze" was ignored in this film. These two women were not in there to help a male character in the film, they were their own characters. Such a nice change of pace! Plus it was HILARIOUS. You also have to love that there is a big budget movie out that actually passes the Bechdel test.

Linn D.

Completely unimportant, but I loved that we heard/learned every aspect of the female anatomy. When's the last time you heard "cervix" on screen? (and as my male friend pointed out, we heard men's anatomy, too. Not just penis/balls but scrotum, etc.) And damn was it funny. :) Female body parts are just as funny…


40 million!


As a dude I found The Heat hilarious. Most fun I've had in the movies all year.

Jan Lisa Huttner

I completely agree, Melissa. THE HEAT is a hoot. I was afraid it would be another BRIDESMAIDS but instead it was new MISS CONGENIALITY, but even better & even funnier. Hooray :-)


This movie is hilarious! The audience was more than half men and they laughed as hard as anyone.


"That was the film we discovered this crazy funny comedian named Eddie Murphy. Poor Danny Glover played the straight man to Eddie Murphy…"

I don't think Danny Glover appeared in any Beverly Hills Cop films, 1, 2, or 3. Glover did appear in Lethal Weapon films with Mel Gibson, though.

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