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The Real Lone Ranger—At Auction

The Real Lone Ranger—At Auction

I’m trying to keep an open mind about the upcoming Lone
Ranger movie, but I can’t imagine what Dawn Moore must be feeling; Clayton
Moore was her father. A devoted daughter, she has kept her father’s flame alive
since his passing in 1999. Now, she has decided to part with a number of his
personal Lone Ranger items, including two costumes crafted by Nudie’s Rodeo
Tailors and another by famous Western designer Manuel, a Stetson hat, three
pair of boots, and best of all, his Edward H. Bohlin double-holster gun rig. If
you’ve never seen a Bohlin piece up close, I can tell you it’s pretty
impressive. This one was custom designed with leather carving and inlaid silver

Dawn has lived with these pieces for years and feels that
it’s time to pass them along to someone else who will care for them. I’m sure
there will be no shortage of bidders at Brian Lebel’s Old West Auction on June
22. (For more details, click HERE) Millions of baby boomers like me grew up
watching Clayton and Jay Silverheels as the Lone Ranger and Tonto on TV. I was
among the lucky folks who got to know Clayton in later years and interviewed
him on numerous occasions. He was a wonderful man who lived up to his public
image and never disappointed a fan.

But his number one booster remains his daughter, who
remembers how he shined his boots at home and used steam from a boiling kettle
to block his hat. Dawn didn’t pursue a career in show business, but she’s never
strayed too far from it in her work as a high-end retail manager and consultant
for such prestigious firms as Harry Winston and Mikimoto. I’m sure she’s got
some great stories about working with A-list stars as they prepared to walk the
red carpet during award season. She’s also an interior designer and is about to
launch an e-commerce marketplace devoted to vintage home décor. It’s called
MixxCentury and it will be up and running next month. Her business partner
happens to be another second-generation Hollywood survivor: Holly Palance, Jack’s

Incidentally, Dawn not only looks after her father’s image;
she is equally mindful of Jay Silverheels’ reputation. When she wrote a
remembrance of him two years ago I asked if she would allow me to reprint it,
and she did. You can read it HERE and I think you’ll find it quite moving.



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maurice white iii

I still the lone ranger on cable TV it is cozi tv at 9am on weekdays I think Clayton Moore was the best lone ranger that ever was but clayton moore is a better lone ranger than john hart so if his daughter dawn moore could send me a silver bullet I would keep in my metal box

    Chelsea C

    Yep every morning! He still entertains fans every day (especially Saturdays! On FEtv, Grit, & Cozi) so long after hes went on to his great reward :-) There’s not enough time to remember everything that ever was, and everything that is, popular. So, theres only room for the best of the best all throughout time to remain. I love the lone ranger! I watch it every morning!& SATURDAYS! While I’m watching I can look out the window at the horses & pretend I live in that time frame(late 1800s) If I ever came into a lot of $ I would buy A LOT of land and put luxury houses on their own ranches throughout my land for people I love and friends, and have my own western town somewhere in the middle!! Everyone would use horses and buggies/carriages to travel. The shops,restaurant, boarding house, and saloon would all be fully functional! But of course everyone would have 4wheelers and tractors, trucks, cars and karts so there would be more methods of transportation than horse and buggy that can be used to drive to the nearest town and use on other parts of the property but, to come into the actual WESTERN town, you must use horses to get you there, or your feet! No modern technology allowed. Everything would operate exactly like it would’ve in the old west, some of the same laws(within reason), same clothes, same everyday resources. I daydream of who I might’ve been, had I lived through other time periods, EVERY day because all I watch is older tv shows. I think about how much simpler things would’ve been! It woud be a perfect place to raise children and for EVERYONE to live! And I’d have my own lake on the property somewhere too! I don’t even know how long I’ve been typing I just got carried away in my fantasy. I’ll prob post this and then get embarrassed because it’s so long! I LOVE The Lone Ranger! And Cozi Tv, FEtv, Inspiration, GRIT(bst one). They all make me feel comfortable and COZI! I’m addicted to westerns!

Warren O'Leary

Both Clayton & Jay were class acts both on and off the screen. Enjoyed their show when new and today in re-runs on channela like FE t.v. !

oscar lopez

is realy impresionan

Bob Paine

I'm curious to know if the radio cast – Brace Beemer and John Todd – and the TV duo of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels ever met in public. Jay Silverheels did publicity appearances with Brace Beemer. It would have made an interesting photo.

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Robert Booth

I found this hidden away and thought someone would like to see The Lone Ranger we all love, and hear that all so familiar theme. This Lone Ranger didn't fly thru the air, gallop Silver across roof tops and onto speeding trains, and didn't have to rely on computer generated special effects. He just gave us down to Earth, wholesome, family fun entertainment, all, while teaching us right from wrong and became a role model to millions of us kids. What's so hard about doing that? Tonto looked like a civilized Indian and not some painted freak on drugs from the stone age, ready to go on the warpath.
Google Lone Ranger theme-you tube, and select Oct 8, 2009
3 minutes.

Robert Booth

DBENSEN asked on June 18 if Clayton's ban on wearing his mask was ever lifted. I have not seen a reply to this posted yet. So here is the answer to his question. Taken from one of the sites is this explanation.

Moore counter-sued Wrather, hoping to regain the right to wear the mask again, but the proceedings carried on for many years until September 20, 1984, when, in a surprise move, Jack Wrather suddenly dropped the case. Although no official reason was given, Wrather died a month later, so it would seem the old man had a change of heart. On October 17, Moore's agent received a letter from Bonita Wrather, Jack's wife, that read, “please be advised that Wrather Corporation hereby grants to Clayton Moore the rights to wear the Lone Ranger mask.” Finally, the Lone Ranger could ride again.

I might add, Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger. I had talked to him back on July 4, 1966 when he visited Kennywood Park, in West Mifflin, Pa. We had talked prior to his stage show, when he was in street clothes sitting on a park bench in front of his pickup camper which he used at the time. As a bodyman, we had talked about why his paint was flaking off his aluminum camper. We had talked again in costume during the show when he was taking pictures with his fans. Those pictures are my treasure. Then again in Monroeville, Pa. in 1980, when he was restricted to sunglasses. He remembered the Kennywood visits, happily autographed the back of the pictures taken in 1966. A little older then, but still the same man, in or out of costume. A real gentleman, who will live on forever in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. The past 13 1/2 years have passed by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday he passed away.


    I am commenting on a post here, although I hit replay, not sure posters name anout CM ever doing an event. when ai met him it was in a jumbo/full of everything store. no idea who he was as he approached ne with questions regarding his purchase but I knew the voice-we became fast friends, never did he wear a mask but he was just being a regular guy-a great regular guy-nothing regular about him though, terrific friend

Buck Helton

I thought you might like to read a tribute I wrote at the time of Clayton's passing…
As I'm sure y'all have heard by now, we have lost
another of our great Western heroes, Clayton Moore,
best known as The Lone Ranger. From 1949-1957 He came
riding into our living rooms every week on "a fiery
horse with the speed of light, and a hearty Hi-ho
Silver!" showing us all that while the good guys may
not always be taken as such right off (how many times
did the Ranger get arrested anyway?) they are always
known by their actions. By his side was his faithful
companion Tonto, who called him the name he himself
was given by those he befriended, "Kemosabe" (this by
the way does not mean companion,as many think, but
rather is an honorific title of "Trusted Scout").
Indians were not always well thought of in the Old
West, but the Ranger showed us that there is good in
every group of people if you will just look for it.
Clayton Moore was so taken by the concept,and
character of the Lone Ranger, that he never took
another role as long as he lived. He became a
Christian while the series was in production, and while
no one could be as consistently good and noble as
the Ranger in real life, Moore was inspired to use
the image to influence future generations for good,
as the Ranger would have done.
In a 1976 interview, he said "I
intend to be the Lone Ranger,until I'm called, and
when I finally go to that big Ranch in the sky, I want
people to say, who was that masked man?" Well, that
call came today,December 28,1999. As for who he was,
he was the idol of American youth (sorry Ranger Doug,
but Brother Moore was there first!) and the living
embodiment of all that is good in the American spirit,
a walking version of Psalm 73. and a Hero in the
highest sense of the word.
Until our trails cross yonder at the great divide,
we say our farewells to those "thrilling days of
yester-year" and the most noble man I ever hope to
He helped make America a better place, and I never
even got to thank him. But I guess he might prefer it
that way. He's got his thanks now, safe in the arms of

Happy Trails Ranger.

Keep a smile on your face,
And a song in your heart!

Buck"The Big Man"


    this comment is to BuckHelton- not sure if you know the answer or not book do you know if Mr. Moore and his wife left late 60s early 70s for baby a short period of time to Lake Tahoe? he had told me he was moving there but I see nothing/no information that says that – appreciate a response if possible

    Chelsea C

    I absolutely love what you said there! & I can especially relate to what you said there at the end! I feel like the Lone Ranger is my best friend or part of my family! I watch him everyday and dream & wish I could’ve lived during that time & had a shot with him!! I think I could win him over! & esp since I’d be in a gorgeous dress! I wish women still wore gorgeous dresses everyday like all the women of our past have. Clayton Moore is unforgettable! & I’ll make sure I pass the Lone Ranger love to my children & keep the love alive after I’ve gone on to my great reward, and when tht happens I’ll get my shot with Clayton Moore!!


The Power of TV…in the 1940's, 50's, 60's, and some of the 70's was second to none when forming public opinion or helping to shape the thinking of Americans, can't speak for the rest of the world but it was Awesome in the U.S. Which is where the characters created by lawyer George Trendle lays, underneath the benevolence of the times. While the success began on 1933 radio, television unleashed its' power with a stunning visual display of gallantry, friendship and loyalty, few things you can see today, especially on TV. The testament to this Shows longevity lies with the fans who considered these men friends and protectors. Clayton Moores' daughter accepts the premise of the times yet understands the triumph of the spirit …the question remains, why today's generation may never…?

    Chelsea C

    There’s no ‘like’ button, but I just wanted to let you know I LIKE your comment. I often fantasize about living in the old west, but also the 50s. I would’ve loved to have been a housewife in the ’50s!!! You’re right, it prob was an AWESOME time to be a kid!


Whenever I watched The Lone Ranger, I always focused on the handsome, regal Jay Silverheels. I had a terrible crush of Tonto and even in my Lone Ranger coloring book, I colored all the Tonto images first…! I loved Dawn's thoughtful tribute to such a wonderful man–thanks to her for honoring both the memory of her wonderful dad and his faithful "Indian companion." And thanks for sharing this, Leonard! I enjoyed it so much. Kay

Susanna King

…and EVERY year I'd wait for the annual rerun of the episode of how the Lone Ranger came to be after the ambush by the nefarious Cavendish Gang!!! What great memories….I often told my children that I wished I could take them all back to 1958 with me; a perfect year to be a kid.I so appreciate it when a child of a celebrity takes the time to care and preserve a parent's memory and accomplishments. Thanks Dawn…and thank you Leonard for bringing this to our attention…


I recall that the makers of the "Legend of the Lone Ranger" legally banned Moore from wearing the mask in public, which turned into one more public embarrassment for a celebrated bomb.

Was that prohibition ever lifted? I recall reading that Moore switched to heavy sunglasses for a while — he was still emphatic about not meeting his public unmasked. In your photo he's wearing regular glasses, but he's not in costume.

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