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‘The Wizard of Oz’ to Get IMAX 3D Re-Release in September

'The Wizard of Oz' to Get IMAX 3D Re-Release in September

Well, this will be divisive. 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz,” in anticipation of its 75th anniversary in 2014, is slated for a big-screen re-release in September of this year. And it will screen in IMAX 3-D. 

The film will feature an impressive digital upgrade in terms of sound and visuals, but the question remains whether fans will embrace the 3-D remastering or not. The 3-D re-releases of “Titanic” and “Jurassic Park” are one thing. But neither of those films, despite the box office numbers, have the hallowed nostalgia of Victor Fleming’s candy-colored trip down the yellow brick road.

The re-release kicks off a week-long engagement at IMAX theaters across North America on September 20. On October 1, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release a limited “The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition,” which features the new 3-D version of the film and more, including an all-new documentary on the 1939 production.

Would you see “The Wizard of Oz” in 3-D? Or would a 2-D re-release of this classic be more appealing?

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It should look just fine. The film really has the look for it to begin with. Sometime ago, when ETC was showing – at the time – new Digital projection at the former Pacific Hollywood, the facility screened "THE WIZARD OF OZ" in 2K from a recent 4K rstoration – and it was nothing short of stunning – there was detail there that the original Technicolor release prints just did not have, both a plus and minus – the minus being that brush strokes are more visible on some of the matte painting and the trap door that Margaret Hamilton falls into while she is melting is even more visible. with that, I have no problem with a 3D version, the dedicated companies doing it now have 2D-3D conversions down to a science when they have the time to get it right – and it looks they do since this was announced a few months back. Lets hope they got it right.


This isn't a bad thing at all. It's not a remake, and they aren't changing anything except bringing it into 3D. It's pretty obvious they are doing this because Disney owns the rights to the new Oz movie but not the original here. That's why you never saw the ruby slippers and other things that made Oz, well…Oz. I think it will be pretty cool and make a lot of money.


Why??? The original is PERFECT the way it is.


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