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This is Not OK: Photoshopping Melissa McCarthy on The Heat UK Poster

This is Not OK: Photoshopping Melissa McCarthy on The Heat UK Poster

Our most anticipated female centric movie of the summer, The Heat, is merely weeks away from its release. A U.K. promo image was unveiled for the film last week and Melissa McCarthy was looking very, very different.

In a side by side comparison of the new U.K. image and the U.S. poster, it looks to anyone with eyes that McCarthy’s face and neck were massively photoshopped to make the actress appear at least 30 pounds lighter. And this photoshop job really makes no sense since we all know what McCarthy looks like and she has always embraced who she is and her weight.  (Update: We are also concerned that the US poster looks doctored too.)

So what’s the point? 

A British entertainment blog, The Shiznit, discussed the hack photoshop job at length.

This is one of the worst Photoshop jobs I have ever seen but it’s not just offensively bad craftsmanship — the intention behind it is downright nasty.

We completely agree.  The best revenge for all the fat haters will be when The Heat is wildly successful at the box office.  Because it will prove we all love Melissa McCarthy exactly how she is. 

‘The Heat’ Under Heat For Melissa McCarthy Photoshopping in
(The Hollywood Reporter)

What Happened To Melissa McCarthy’s Face In The UK Poster
For “The Heat”?
(Buzzfeed Entertainment)

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Patrick Davidson

I agree with Michael. In both photos, they have set the thinner Sandra Bullock in the foreground hiding part of Melissa McCarthy body. In addition, they have scaled Bullocks whole body up to make them look more comparable in size. Also, if you have seen the film, you will notice that despite both of these characters being strong, successful women; they have only been able to attain this success at the cost of having relationships and families. They both live alone in depressing apartments and get hardly any respect at work. If this was a movie about two male cops, every day would end with congratulations on another “job well done” from the captain, a compliment from an aspiring rookie, and a beautiful wife, two kids, and a dog waiting at home in the suburbs. Even in this great, female-empowering blockbuster, there is still a disappointing amount of sexism.


Are these the two posters? She looks exactly the same weight in both to me except one is bleached out!!!!

Michael Medeiros

And her actual weight contrasts more with Sandra Bullock and therefore makes the whole thing more interesting.

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