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This Is The End

This Is The End

This movie is a self-indulgent exercise built on a one-joke
premise…but it made me laugh from start to finish. Writer-directors Seth Rogen
and Evan Goldberg take their ideas so far beyond the norms of propriety, so
ridiculously past the point of commonplace movie raunchiness, that you have
only two choices: walk out or surrender to them. Although my tolerance for gross-out
humor is normally low, I found this movie’s take-no-prisoners attitude oddly

Much of this has to do with the likability of the stars, who
play fictionalized, in some cases wildly exaggerated, versions of themselves. The
conceit of Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen, James Franco as James Franco, et al,
immediately establishes the tone of the movie—a giant inside joke where nothing
is meant to be taken too seriously. When a party at Franco’s ultra-modern house
in the Hollywood Hills takes a terrible turn it’s not just the outrageousness
of the story point—an apocalyptic incident that may spell the end of
humanity—but the way the characters respond to it that makes it funny.

Every time you think they’ve stretched this as far as they
can go, Rogen and Goldberg go farther. Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig
Robinson, Danny McBride, and even Emma Watson (!) hold nothing back, along with
a gaggle of other stars in often-fleeting appearances.

This is the End
manages to make fun of egotism and self-absorption, Hollywood high life, false
friendships, greed, religious beliefs, and more. It won’t be everybody’s cup of
tea; I didn’t think it would appeal to me, in fact, but I bought into it hook,
line and sinker.  

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self-indulgent load of crap. They should have taken their own advice and worked on Pineapple Express 2, but the fact that they didn't shows just how limited they are.

Loved the od school bro-mance, but this is just sad. Pyrotechniques and all

Steve Johnson

Being in the exhibition end of the movie industry, I am compelled to watch literally hundreds of movies a year, many of which I thankfully forget over the course of a couple of days. However once in a while you stumble across an unexpected gem and that makes everything worthwhile. I watched this offering the other night and far from finding it akin to a fast food hamburger, I would equate it to a multi course banquet where as soon as you've finished one entree, another even more delicious and unexpected one is served to you. This movie is as funny as anything I've seen in several years and it's lampooning of it's own stars, their lifestyles, their lavish parties, their outrageous behavior, their sometimes shallow friendships and the overall hypocrisy of Hollywood is as delicious and satiating as a film can be. I loved it immensely, enjoyed myself thoroughly and will be among the first to but the Bluray when it's released. This is a must have in any serious film buff's collection.

Daniel Delago

I saw it last night and I thought it was pure garbage. Did it make me chuckle? Certainly but it reminded me of eating a fastfood hamburger. It tastes okay on the way down but an hour later, you regret your decision. And you're absolutely correct, Mr. Maltin, you either like these toilet bowel (Judd Apatow) style movies or you dislike them. The scary thing is that this 'art imitating life' movie is probably close to the truth.

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