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Trailer of the Week: Guy Pearce Finds Felicity Jones Too Tempting in Sundance Entry, ‘Breathe In’

Trailer of the Week: Guy Pearce Finds Felicity Jones Too Tempting in Sundance Entry, 'Breathe In'

Before We Saw the Trailer We Thought: Anything that brings Felicity Jones back to the big screen is a good thing, and if it’s with her “Like Crazy” director Drake Doremus, well, all the better. The British actress has appeared in a number of low profile projects since her breakout in the long-distance romantic drama, “Like Crazy,” but she’s yet to be tested like she was in the Sundance award-winner from two years ago. Now she’s back with another Sundance entry, another talented costar in Guy Pearce, and with another film rocketing up our must-see movies list for the fall.

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And Now? Amy Ryan is in this, too? “Breathe In” looks like it may be sport of the best casts of the fall season in a film that looks as suspenseful and tragic as “Like Crazy” was wistful and heartbreaking. Doremus appears to be taking a step deeper into dramatic territory. He mined a couple’s feelings in his first feature and looks to broaden the romantic repercussions here. The familiar story of an older married man tempted by an exotic youth looks like it will be taken to new, powerful extremes if the piano scene plays as well in the feature as it does here. It’s also refreshing to see Pearce returning to a more realistic character after somewhat silly turns in “Iron Man 3” and “Prometheus.” There’s really nothing to dislike in this domestic drama, so check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments section if you’re willing to dive back into a sea of depression with director Drake Doremus. [Guardian]

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I'm with Litterbug on this one: what is it with these older-man-younger-woman-forbidden-romance movies??? could we maybe have a woman falling "in love" with a younger man?? or is it just that these kinds of movies are a lot of wish-fulfillment for bourgeois bankers and their ilk? So tiresome!


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Unfortunately this movie (story) is relevant. However, my initial reaction to it when I saw where the film was going was … "uggh, another Lolita/Poison Ivy, no thanks!" This is not to say the acting is bad – looks like good acting and cinematography that gives it that *beautiful* look they emphasize in the trailer … however, when I think about the actual STORY and whether I want to see it in yet another film, I'm still left with …"uggh, another Lolita/Poison Ivy!"


"Like Crazy" was Doremus's fourth feature film. Not first.

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