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VidCritz: A Great ‘Sopranos’ Roundtable

VidCritz: A Great 'Sopranos' Roundtable

VidCritz is Criticwire’s home for interesting video essays and criticism. Because, really, who wants to read? 

I’m a child of the “Siskel & Ebert” generation. Film criticism, in my mind, isn’t just words on a piece of paper or a computer screen; it’s also a conversation, one that’s sometimes conducted in front of television cameras. Since the last version of “At the Movies” went off the air, I’ve been desperately looking for something like it to fill that void. Generally, it’s been very hard to find.

Video content on movies outside the realm of video essays (which are a totally different — and awesome — thing) has mostly devolved into cringe-inducing junket interviews and cringe-inducing webcam testimonials on YouTube. Podcasts are great, and there are a handful of decent video shows like “What the Flick?!” dedicated to conversations about movies. But not enough — and nothing definitive. When I need a fix for hardcore, “Siskel & Ebert”-style movie talk, you know what I watch? Old “Siskel & Ebert” episodes.

The conversation below is about television instead of movies, and it contains no Siskel versus Ebert style throwdowns. No one screams or yells or snarks. It’s just an hour of four very eloquent people exchanging ideas. But it’s the first thing I’ve seen in a while that really scratches that “Siskel & Ebert” itch — because it’s also about the pleasure of eavesdropping on smart people in conversation.

Fittingly, it comes from, where new editor Matt Zoller Seitz sits down with fellow TV critics Maureen Ryan of The Huffington Post, Ryan McGee of The A.V. Club, and Sarah D. Bunting of to discuss the still-controversial ending of “The Sopranos” and the future of television drama. I watched all six parts and enjoyed every single one — and the ending is fantastic. I hope the next step for the site — or someone else, if isn’t interested — is a similar approach toward film.

Here’s the entire roundtable:

For the full transcripts of the entire “CUT TO BLACK” roundtable, go to

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What a waste of time. It's clear none of these people have never done a close reading or rewatch of The Sopranos. Seitz in particular sounds like an idiot (they let THIS guy take over Ebert's site!?). Anyone with a half a brain knows Tony died and Chase has all but said it in multiple interviews. "We were whacked"? Matt, 2007 called, it wants its lame theory back. Be smarter. You're making a fool of yourself.

Brian Kirby

Very, very smart discussion. One that I'm thankful for experiencing.

Perhaps I missed it on my initial viewing, but was "THE SOPRANOS" final episode's title, "Made in America" examined?

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