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Watch: 11 Year-Old Natalie Portman’s Audition Tape For ‘Leon: The Professional’

Watch: 11 Year-Old Natalie Portman's Audition Tape For 'Leon: The Professional'

Before she was an Academy Award-winning actress, A-list star and mother, Natalie Portman was just like any other kid trying to make it in the business. Except, she was far more self-aware of her talent and dreams than most. The story goes she turned down a child modelling gig with Revlon to focus on her acting and well, the gambit worked.

Her first feature film appearance managed to be the kind of breakthrough most only dream of, landing the key co-starring role in Luc Besson‘s assassin tale “Leon: The Professional.” She matched Jean Reno every step of the way and gave the movie it’s emotional heart, and now you see why the filmmakers believed in her talent. Her audition tape has been floating around for a while, but we hadn’t seen it before and, thanks to Filmmaker IQ pointing us in the direction, you can see it below. And yeah, it’s very, very convincing stuff.

Anyway, give it a look below and then try and imagine anyone else taking the part of Mathilda (Liv Tyler was considered at one point, fyi).

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There is no reason for this scene to be deleted. It is such a touching scene of love and gratitude of a 12 year old girl for her savior.

Cookie, Pam, Aisha

We, loved this movie that takes place in NYC.
Leon is so sexy in this movie!


Hi I’m Jazzlyn im kind of shy but love acting work will with people well


Bravo Toscano = D> – here we share the same opinion about probably the best film of Jean Reno and Natalie …..


yes leon the profesional should have won an oscar for best movie best actress natalie portman best actor jean reno a great actor victor the cleaner a great role nikita a great movie


"Leon" would have to win at least two Oscars: The first to Natalie for this absolutely great performance as Mathilda, and the second for this really great movie ….
And the third Oscar when the sequel is coming.


leon the profesional a classic movie natalie portman and jean reno 2 great actors

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