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Watch 1st Episode of ‘Evolve’ Supernatural Web Series Titled ‘Abilities’

Watch 1st Episode of 'Evolve' Supernatural Web Series Titled 'Abilities'

The three-part supernatural dramatic web series Evolve the Series, written, produced and directed by Kia T. Barbee of Elmhurst Entertainment, LLC, has premiered its first episode tonight.
To recap on our preview back in March, Evolve centers on a sheltered teen girl who is struggling to accept and deal with the responsibility that comes with her hereditary supernatural powers, which include super strength, forcefield, enhanced senses, super agility,
telekinetic and telepathic powers.”

Here’s more about the series:

Evolve centers around a sheltered teenager (Donia Reyes) with
inherited super abilities.  Throughout the series (Parts 1-3) Donia
struggles to maintain a balance between what she wants and what she’s destined
to become, which is consistently challenged by her nemesis and teen villain,
Troi Lawson.

Part One is
told in five separate episodes.  It can
also be referred to as Season 1

The Story: Part One

When a sheltered teenage girl inherits
special abilities that she can’t control nor wants, she struggles to maintain a
balance between what she craves and what she’s destined to be. In Part One, we
see this through the eyes of a sheltered teen (Donia Reyes) who just wants to
have a regular life, but is burden with adhering to strict traditions of her
super powered family.



Twitter: @EvolveSeries

The second episode will be released July 2nd. Watch the first episode below:

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it has potential but there is room for improvement the lead actress needs a little bit of work delivering her lines and some shots could be done better but you've got something cool here. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were successful webseries so keep improving and do your best.

Kia T. Barbee (Creator of Evolve)

First, SUPER THANK YOU for watching and taking the time to leave a comment both here and on the Youtube channel. I was debating on whether to just take the notes and not respond, but I thought it would be good to personally address concerns regarding the production value.
Episode one contained the two hardest sequences to edit and shoot , mostly due to continuity issues for a number of reasons I’d rather not go into at this time, but stay tuned for an op-ed piece down the road on my experience producing a web series.
Editing: The editor and I attempted to make the sequences sort of a stylish choice, but it didn’t quite have the effect I wanted.
Audio: I’ll take FULL blame for that because I overrided the sound mixers note on that moment (end of subway scene) and I see should’ve listened.
Lighting: Due to the loss of our Gaffer, the DP had to pick up the slack.
Unfortunately these issues are just some of the roadblocks small budgeted indie projects face, so I completely understand your frustrations with Episode One because they are the same frustrations I have as well.
Episodes 2-5 of Part 1 are on more in par with my vision and major changes are in place for Parts 2/3 (which haven’t been filmed yet; the scripts are almost done). With that, I encourage you to keep watching, commenting and sharing because the story is the tie that binds and I’m truly humbled and delighted that you’ll GET IT. Keep watching!


Great feedback from S&A readers, esp PHREDG.

For those who may not know it, this is not Kia T. Barbee's first introduction to the ways of Shadow and Act's comment section. Like other film-makers (i.e. Adam Scott Thompson, Darkan, Masha Dowell, just to name a few recognizable names) who have voiced their opinions on a regular basis here at S&A and had the courage to show their films in this land of "No-Holds-Barred", Kia has been around this block for quite some time. So I am pretty sure she appreciates and understands all the feedback, even the less than flattering ones.

So hip hip hooray Kia, keep doin' your thang.


And yes, I HAVE subscribed. :)


I applaud your efforts cast-n-crew. As an editor here are somethings I noticed in your production (by m:ss timecode)
0:56 – Check your color temperature, the kitchen to a tad too BLUE. A kitchen's appearance is usually all warm and comfy like biscuits fresh outta the oven. Unless of course your choppin' up BODIES but that's a whole nuther scencario.
2:01 Nice character intros of Ian and Cami. Kajuana so inhabited her character that I didn't even
2:20 question the umbrella-open-when-there-is-no-rain 'cause that was…well CAMI.

2:56 AUDIO! Nuff said.

2:56 Perhaps some closeups of Donia here would've been better than just leaving her dazed &
3:02 forgotten in the background.

3:11 CONTINUITY!!! Couldn't let this slip. Her umbrella kept switching hands.

3:20 Perhaps a dissolve of fade-out fade-in would've been less jarring

3:28 Again CONTINUITY!!! Those couch pillows were covered for the wide and 2shots then
UNcovered on the closeups of the mother.

The ending scene was ok for Donia being a single-minded soon-to-be-16-year-old (My party! My PARTY!! MY PARRRRTYYYYYYYYY!!!).

Suggestion: Have someone assume the position of SCRIPT SUPERVISOR to handle any/all continuity issues.

Looking fwd to the next episode.


As much as I liked the mom, the two teen girls need to really balance each other out. One is a bit too much and the other is almost stale. But, with this being the first episode it wouldn't have been right to expect something awe inspiring. You got to make a foundation before you build a castle.

other song

sure this was amateur but there's an effort there. you gotta start somewhere.

If it's Black I love It

Great job! Super! Tremendous! Oscar worthy! Look out Spielberg! OMG it was fantastic! Holy crap I was moved! This deserves to be a feature film! Go girl!

**end fake praise***

Temi Olutunmni

Hey congrats to Elmhurst Entertainment and Ms. Barbee and crew. I see a lot of potential in the series, look forward to viewing more.

CL Noah

The casting is… horrible. Where did you find this Donia Reyes? With the the plethora of qualified black actors looking for work out there, this is what you've decided to cast? In fact the whole production value of this first episode is underachieving. From casting to set design, up to cinematography to especially the direction, this reads like a high school film short. I will give props for at least trying to do something different to the norm. But all is lost if I'm struggling to get through 6 MINUTES …

Esther Friedman

Even with it's production quirks, I REALLY enjoyed this. Keep Going!!!


Uhhmmm… Not exactly sure what I just watched, but I applaud the creators for trying to do something different from the norm. It could use some better production value and casting, but a good effort.

Ben Je



Congrats to everyone, you all have to be very excited!!

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