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Watch: 2010 5-Minute Short Film ‘Good Run’ Directed By Wally Pfister

Watch: 2010 5-Minute Short Film 'Good Run' Directed By Wally Pfister

While Wally Pfister is currently shooting his feature-length directorial debut “Transcendence,” it goes without saying he has plenty of experience behind the camera. Of course, he’s been a longtime collaborator with Christopher Nolan, lensing all of the director’s films since “Memento,” and before that, Pfister cut his teeth as a TV news cameraman. But that’s not all he’s done.

Back in 2010, the year before he’d win an Oscar for his work on “Inception,” Pfister dropped a quaint little 5-minute short film/promo entitled “Good Run.” Made for Discover Boating, an industry organization to promote recreational boating, the spot aims to capture the feeling of a lifetime of memories that can be found on the water. It’s a little sappy (the song, “The Sleepless Sailor” by Kate Rusby is a bit much), but it’s nicely edited and effective overall and mostly just an interesting little curiosity in Pfister’s CV. Anyway, give it a spin below. [Websleuths]

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The aspect ratio is all wrong!


How his background in lighting softcore 90's straight to vidoe erotic films? Nice work if you can get it.


This is stupid. You guys unearth some terrible commercial this guy did years ago — he's done many of commercials, by the way, most much slicker than this — and call it a "short film," as if it was some personal project. Honestly, this article should be deleted

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