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Watch: 50-Minute 1997 George Lucas Docu ‘Flying Solo’ Featuring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill & Francis Ford Coppola

Watch: 50-Minute 1997 George Lucas Docu 'Flying Solo' Featuring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill & Francis Ford Coppola

As the “Star Wars” films enter their period of new storylines, recurring characters, and calendar domination over the next decade, George Lucas only stands now to distance himself from his creation, and reportedly get to work on more intimate, experimental ventures. While we wait to see the results of those efforts, an older documentary on the man provides a close look on his life leading up and into his life-changing franchise.

Commissioned to coincide with the 1997 “Star Wars” Special Editions, the BBC Omnibus “George Lucas: Flying Solo,” profiles the director as he discusses his formative years, as well as clips and insight into his 16mm short films, “Look at Life,” “Herbie,” and “Freiheit.” His experimental roots are indeed a large element of the documentary (directed by James Erskine), as an interview with Francis Ford Coppola poses Lucas’ alternative path if the trilogy never happened.

Interviews with his actors and collaborators — Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Irvin Kershner — are included as well, and the entire doc is worth a look just to see the personality behind the absolute behemoth that “Star Wars” would eventually become. Check it out below.

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Well, George didn't end up making those experimental films. The twenty years of not shooting another movie and returning to Star Wars, only to ruin the franchise. All that time proved was that George Lucas The Filmmaker died with the first Star Wars film and the George Lucas The Businessman had to have the franchise taken away from him by Disney ("Greedo shot first!") to not entirely taint its memory. I respect what he did earlier in his career, but that is about as distant of a memory as the original Star Wars before CGI.


This is a brilliant documentary. People need to watch this and realise what they've lost now that Lucas has handed over Star Wars to JJ Abrams, director of the 'visionary' Star Trek Into Darkness…. :-/

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