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Watch: ‘American Psycho’ Inspired Commercial For Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’

Watch: 'American Psycho' Inspired Commercial For Kanye West's 'Yeezus'

You might feel that you should be shocked that the worlds of Kanye West, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “American Psycho” have all managed to crash into each other and yet…here we are. Maybe you’re suffering from pop culture shock and later you’ll wake up in a cold sweat, unable to cope with the reality of the parody video you can view below.

To commemorate the release of Kanye’s latest album, Yeezus, the rapper enlisted Kim Kardashian’s fellow reality TV star Scott Disick to star in a parody of the infamous Huey Lewis and the News scene from “American Psycho.” Scott took on the role of Patrick Bateman and E! personality Jonathan Cheban plays his unknowing victim (again, more strange worlds colliding). The video is essentially a shot for shot remake of the scene, though any mention of Huey Lewis is removed and replaced with dialog about Kanye and his new album.  

All in all it’s a bit of a strange video, but we suppose they needed it to target that elusive Patrick Bateman demographic. Yeezus is in stores today. Obviously. [Miss Info]

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are you kidding me


What kind of fucked bullshit is this?…..oh wait….I said it….


This is a disgrace to Bale


Whaddya know, kanye west stealing someone else's idea…Didn't see that coming.(Sarcasm)


kanye is an odd, odd man, but he means no harm so i guess we can just let him be……for now…


What the actual fuck??? Kanye doesn't deserve to spoof such a great film

Bill Withers

This video blows!!!

Rob Haynie

I agree with MEG … That absolutely sucked! Was he trying to be that bad and speak in a squeeky voice?


I hate the whole Kardashian clan but I honestly thought the guy that reeinacts Jared Leto's part did an awesome job,it was almost identical.Scott's voice was too high pitched but i see the resemblance. Also his mannerisms were pretty close to Christian Bales.


Wow. That really sucked.


If people stopped buying Kanye's music and concert tickets he would fade away. lucky for him there are enough idiots in this world to keep him relevant for years to come


So lame!!

You know

Got some red stuff on your collar there…


F*** you Kanye, stop ruining everything good with your awful ideas. The acting in this awkward bit was almost as bad as your "music".


WOW! I don't like Kanye West and I like him even less now! The sad thing is, Huey Lewis himself did the same promo months ago with the 25th anniversary of the album 'Sports'. You have to be brain-dead to think you can top that! Yeezus, indeed.




This is a disgrace.

Jonathan Hart

God that kid is a terrible actor.

leak master

Get full album for free here:

Adam Scott Thompson

They couldn't throw any real money at Christian Bale to reprise the role for half a day?

PS: Kanye West is the next Phil Spector.


Where's the Chris Cunningham vid Michel Gondry mentioned?


Remember when West did those beautiful promotional shorts like "Cruel Summer" and was in the company of filmmakers like Spike Jonze? It's sad to see him be a part of the E!/TMZ monster


All this advertises is that Kanye West is a tunk.


I think the whole Scott Disick/Patrick Bateman comparison was better left to the imagination…


Inspired? It's a shot for shot remake of that scene… a poor one at that


Now that is some very bad acting.

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