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WATCH: Armie Hammer Faces 2,000-Foot Drop in ‘Lone Ranger’ Featurette

WATCH: Armie Hammer Faces 2,000-Foot Drop in 'Lone Ranger' Featurette

Check out this new production featurette on Gore Verbinski’s upcoming “The Lone Ranger,” in which star Armie Hammer nervously confronts a 2,000-foot drop while filming a key scene in the canyons of Moab, Utah. In case you think any of the sequence is green-screened, Verbinski’s faux-baffled response says it all: “Computer-generated what?”

The Disney film, which has a massive reported budget of $250 million and suffered many production delays, hits theaters on July 3. Hammer plays the title role, with Johnny Depp as Tonto.

The most recent trailer for the film is here.

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Karen Merkel

Poor Armie. I hope he got paid enough for that. Not to mention how Elizabeth must have felt seeing him up there. Now I know how they did it, but I'd still like to know how Tonto got John up there all by himself. Did he have a ladder tied to his horse? And where did he get the wood to build that thing? Why was john put up there in the first place? First he was buried and then put up on that contraption? Also, did Indians of that time carry shovels on their horses? Never know when you're going to meet someone to bury.

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