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Watch: Brad Pitt Escapes The Undead In New Clip For ‘World War Z’

Watch: Brad Pitt Escapes The Undead In New Clip For 'World War Z'

Because 11 PM on a Sunday night is the perfect time to drop a new World War Z” clip because everyone is awake and on the net, Paramount has gone ahead and unleashed a brand new promo for the upcoming undead blockbuster with less than a week to go before it hits theaters. Are you convinced?

You know the drill: Troubled production, Brad Pitt‘s first blockbuster movie outside of the “Ocean’s Eleven” series, last minute rewrites and reshoots, a lot of spilled ink and early reviews including ours right here. No matter what, this movie is gonna have to be huge (some estimates put it at needing $400 million to break even), but the studio has been pushing this as a Big Event, with Pitt popping up at early screenings, and there’s even a sorta premium deal to see it two days early for $50 which buys some swag and a digital download down the road.

But you’ll be able to judge for yourself this Friday, June 21st. Watch below.

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Ian Peterson

I just hope this clip is abridged version of this scene in the movie. As it stands now, it lacks any suspense or sense of danger. Holding the door and then running? Please!
Any given scene from Walking Dead is more tense (=better directed)

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