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Watch: Compare Bryan Cranston Vs. Samuel L. Jackson Reciting “I Am The Danger” Speech From ‘Breaking Bad’

Watch: Compare Bryan Cranston Vs. Samuel L. Jackson Reciting "I Am The Danger" Speech From 'Breaking Bad'

One of the great gear shifts in the already twisty, excellent series “Breaking Bad,” came in season four when Skylar (Anna Gunn) finally learned the truth about Walter White’s extracurricular activities. And it led to one of the all time great scenes in the show so far, in the season four, episode six entry “Cornered.” When Skylar admits she fears for her life because of what could come to their door because of his business, Walt delivers a chilling monologue in which he declares, “I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger…I am the one who knocks!” And while we can’t imagine anyone but Bryan Cranston in the role, it’s still fun to see someone else give it a shot.

Samuel L. Jackson has recorded himself delivering the “I Am The Danger” speech, as part of a fundraising effort on Reddit he organized to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. Naturally, it’s different than Cranston’s take, and perhaps a bit delivered a touch too heavily, but it’s interesting to see how the two actors tackle the same material. Though it should be noted, Jackson is sorta doing this off the cuff while Cranston obviously had many takes to get it right and had some nice editing to help him out.

Anyway, compare both below and then see the rather lame 10 second teaser for the final season of “Breaking Bad” which starts on August 11th. [THR]

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What this fascinating exercise really exhibits is the power of direction and the director, of which Samuel woefully had neither.
And yes, Breaking Bad (and most of cable TV these days) is better than any crap at the movies.




Im about twenty thousand times more excited for the finale of Breaking Bad than I am for any movie coming out the rest of the year


It's all Cranston's for the taking.


cranston owns jackson

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